Monday, January 25, 2016

90s Saved by the Bell Nail Art

Hello, gorgeous ones!
Today's nail art post is for a quite funky and fun look. 

I was inspired by geometric cuteness, but so many of you were telling me on Instagram how much my nails reminded you of the Saved by the Bell intro, it stuck and I decided to use it on my title today.

Let's see if you all agree with that, too:

Are these cool or what?
I was missing happy, bright colours and I just had to fish them out of my drawers.

I painted them, using Bellaoggi Sunshine Yellow, Wycon No.718, Anny Green Meets Mint and Bellaoggi Bikini Pink.
Ah! The names already make you crave for Summer, am I right?

I made the geometric shapes from decals I did on my silicone mat and then cut with scissors.
And the black motifs are freehanded with black acrylic paint.

What do you think of these? I hope they'll make you feel better about it being Monday.
And before I leave, who, reading this, remembers Saved by the Bell? If you do you might find THIS funny  ;)

Hugs & Kissies,
Mina *


  1. What a fun design on the nails.

  2. Oh sweetie, these are just perfect! These colors just made me very, very happy! It makes me wanna pull out all my bright polishes and use them constantly (which I might actually do!). What a great technique with cutting out the triangles and your free hand skills are out of this world <3

  3. OMG I was borderline obsessed with Saved By The Bell when I was a kid, I thought I was going to marry Zach Morris haha! Love this design, I think it looks totally tubular ;)

  4. OMGGG that reaction video is hilarious!!! "I don't know who any of these people are" LOL I am in love with these nails almost as much as I was in love with Zach! I think Kellie and I might have to fight for him. I had his Tiger Beat posters plastered all over my room. Him and Doogie Howser!!! Haha Oh man you just took me way back Mina. Thanks for this awesome totally cool mani :)

  5. These nails are everything.

  6. YAAASSSSS these nails give me life!!! Freaking awesome, I love the obnoxious bright colours and weird prints of the 90's!

  7. Omg you just took me back in time! These nails are absolutely fantastic, you really have the retro feeling captured :D Its not often a manicure can make me feel nostaglic! :)

  8. These are awesome! I've been craving bright, fun nails lately and these definitely fit the bill! Totally 80s/90s!

  9. I've never watched the show but it looks totally nineties but in an awesome way of course. I love the mix and match pattern, so awesome!


  11. LOVE THEM! I watched this show so much growing up (zack was one of my first ever crushes haha) this brings back so many memories. I love how you made the shapes from stamping decals, so clever.

  12. Haha! These are PERFECT Mina! Saved by the Bell all the way!

  13. omg! I went to a 90s themed party last night at the club and I wish I had seen these, they would have been the PERFECT nails!!


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