Saturday, January 23, 2016

40 GREAT NAIL ART IDEAS - 3 Shades of Purple and Reciprocal Gradient Nails

Alright, people, I've got something to confess!
I've found a match for my I-hate-you feeling for watermarble. Reciprocal gradient, you suck!! Seriously, My Simple Little Pleasures, thank you for hacking this devil out of your brain into the world.

Ugh!! This was so frustrating to get done!!
Anyway, I'm getting way ahead on the story, but if you're the title reading type, you've understood by now what my rant is all about.

This week's #40gnai was all about three shades of purple - so far so good - and I got the smallest straw from the bunch because I got stuck with reciprocal gradient this turn around.

And I hated it. Every. Single. Bit. 

Reciprocal Gradient Nails

Here's the deal! I had a fail, which already sucked me dry of two hours of my life.
And then I had this one, which although not comparable to the fail is not a success either.

Reciprocal Gradient Nails

I don't like it! It doesn't look sharp. It's not aligned and it's just not good enough.
But you know what? It's 5 a.m. here I haven't been to bed yet and I just don't care about perfection anymore!
(throws striping tape across the room)

Reciprocal Gradient Nails

So, I'm settling for this half-decent, half-fail attempt and I'm calling it a day, before I throw a tantrum like my kids at school do when they can't make the <th> sound properly and say 'tree' instead of 'three'.

I'll leave you with all the girl's much better and cooler looks in the inlinkz below and sorry for the disappointment but sometimes nail art just is what it is ;)

Hugs & Kissies,
Mina *


  1. Aww I'm sorry this technique wasn't enjoyable for you, but I think it turned out pretty good! I've seen people do this on YouTube and it definitely looks challenging!

  2. The effect looks so cool! I'm a bit scared to try this technique out myself.

  3. While I think your nails turned out awesome, I can understand your frustration with this technique. It's not my favourite either haha. But you did great!!

  4. Ooooh I am so scared of this technique lol, I can totally imagine your frustration. I don't think these are that bad though ;-).

  5. So personally, I think these turned out pretty cool, but I understand your frustration....I've always avoided this technique myself!!!

  6. Oh no! I love your striping tape anger <3
    I have never even bothered to attempt this technique because it looks so hard, but hey, you tried, and to be honest with you, I think it turned out great! I would be proud of it girl, it's your first try at it!!

  7. Lol Mina you made me laugh so hard! If anything it's worth the laugh right? I tried this once and it was much harder than I expected. I think it looks kind of cool- like purple x-rayed fingers?

  8. I actually like that they aren't perfectly lined up! I think this design technique is so intense (I won't even try it) and you did a great job :)


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