Friday, June 20, 2014

Matching Nails? But... I Never Match!

I don't think that's a surprise - if you've been with me for a while you know this already.
But what if I told you today I'm actually matching? Not in the way you'd expect me to match, though ;)

I've been to Kiko recently (shouldn't have but it's all their fault, I say) and took advantage of their current sales on nail polishes and brough a few... well more than a few... home with me. (you can check which ones, here)

Now, BF and I are going to the movies today - we feel like making today's evening a popcorn film one and we chose Maleficent. I'm not overly excited about it but I'm curious enough to be excited ;)
(Have you seen it? Let me know your opinon in the comments ;))

Anyway, thing is, I got this nail polish in my crazy Kiko purchase:

And when we decided on going to see Maleficent, I just knew this baby was meant to light up my Cinderella Hand :)

Look at it, isn't it just the perfect poisonous potion/enchantment sort of thing?
All that venomous green shade, with gold specks and just... can I say it?, gorgeous!!!!

I liked it even more because this baby actually covers your whole nail in just one coat - yes! crazy!
I applied two, though, because I want these to last me up until Monday.
And I can also say it dried completely rather fast, too - 5min and I could already apply striping tape on my nails ;)

I wanted a black V-shaped French tip for some edginess and a more evil witch feeling and I loooove how they look.
But more than anything I'm proud I managed a consistent look, 'cause I'll tell you this: applying striping tape with your non-dominant hand is sooo challenging! Phew!

I completed the whole look with some green square rhinestones, just because, let's face it, don't they look great? :D

And that's that - this is my quite rare matching nails. I bet not even Angelina got such cool nails while shooting! Hahahah! Just kidding ;)

So, let me know what you think of these Maleficent nails and whether you've liked the movie or not (in case you've seen it already ;))

Hugs & Kissies,
Mina *


  1. KIKO is such a cruel brand... They make sooo many beautiful polishes, it's impossible to get in the store and come out with empty bags!
    I recently bought some awesome polishes too and the one you are showing here is a stunner.
    The design you did is really nice and absolutely perfect for the movie!

    1. hahahah - I know just what you mean, hun ;)
      Thank you for your sweet comment, Frankie :)

  2. Ooooohhhh, love your mani! Such a bewitching design! (sad poor pun!)

    I run across Kiko occasionally on nail blog sales or ebay - it's not in any stores here that I know of. I am so smitten with the gorgeous polishes from that brand that I see on your blog. I love emerald polishes anyway and, being a May baby, I pay special attention to them. This one is so fabulous!

    Hope the BF and you enjoy(ed) the film!

    1. hehehe - emerald polishes are lovely to behold :)
      And I hope you come accross some Kiko beauties more often -I love their polishes ;)
      (And yes BF and I did enjoy the film :))

  3. That green looks amazing! Love the simple nail art you did with it too.

  4. What a beautiful mani! I love the gorgeous green shimmery polish and then the black creme v french tip, but that little green rhinestone really makes this mani eye catching.

    1. Thank you so much, Cindi! :D Glad you also loved the rhinestone ;)


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