Monday, September 16, 2013

31DC2013 - Day 16: Tribal Nails!

Today's post has a bitter taste to it - not because I think my tribal mani came out that bad but because I broke a nail, badly.

It ripped right near the flesh and my nails are now the size of lil' matches heads - tiny, tiny, tiny :(
It's breaking my heart, even though I know just how ridiculous I must sound. 
Yes, life goes on. Yes, they do grow back. Yes, yes, yes but NO NO NOOOOOOOOO

*then sighs*

Okay, if I'm strong enough, tomorrow's mani shall portray my new nails - if not I'll show you my Cinderella hand, which, for a first time, has longer nails than my leftie ;)

Enough weaping and all - check today's tribal theme!

I got so discouraged from the nail ripping, my first two nails - pinkie and ring finger - came out totally uninspired ;(
I went with a sandy golden base colour, using Bellaoggi Golden Sand.

Then I went with black, red and green acrylics mostly.
I first did the whole design in black and then went and dabbed the colours with a brush - I didn't want it all to be too neat, so as to give the impression they'd been finger painted ;)

Here's my thumb, for a better view of what I was trying to explain above ;)

Come back tomorrow for some glitter - or don't, if you don't like stubby nails ;)
You can check just how bad it is - sneak peak here on my FB page 

Oh!, and in case you're thinking I forgot about it - the days I skipped (which were three so far) will be posted once the challenge is over ;)
I don't like to overflood the blog with double or triple posting, so... bear with me! :)

Hugs & Kissies,
Mina *


  1. I am sorry about your nail again. Maybe it will sound mean, but I can't wait to see your little nubs :) I like short nails and I think you will rock them!
    As for your tribal design, it is stunning :) As usual, you made something different and I thank you for that! I always find nice surprises, whenever I visit your blog <3 I love the colors you used for this design and I think your thumb and index finger are my absolute favorites :)

    1. You didn't sound mean, hun, and you were absolutely right - nubs turned out not so bad and I'm actually fond of them now :)
      Thank you for your support (always) and super encouraging and sweet comments! <3

  2. I saw this on facebook and had to run to your blog. It looks fascinating!! :)

    1. Aww, thank you so much! It means a lot! :D

  3. Lovely manicure! It's so detailed :-)
    I know the feeling of broken nail. I broke mine from the middle of my nails right into flesh! I wore band-aid for 1 week and now I finally managed to cut it but it looks awful. "Luckily" it wasn't my "blog-hand" ;-)

    1. hehehe - it does hurt, though, doesn't it? ;)
      I'm glad it wasn't your blog hand, darling! Thank you so much for your comment **

  4. Oh, girl! I understand your feelings. My condolences! BUT! A change is always good, and I'd love to see what you come up with shorter nails :D Take it as a challenge; I know you like to push your limits!

    1. Absolutely! It turns out I'm having a lot of fun with my nubs and I'm actually enjoying this short lenght - thank you for your support and uplifting mood, hun! :)

  5. Sorry about your nail(( I wish my own could grow that long :)) Wonderful mani!!!

    1. Thank you so much, Anastasia! You're a darling, as always! They'll grow back ;)


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