Tuesday, September 17, 2013

31DC2013 - Day 17: Glitter? The Crown Jewels!

So, I'm back after yesterday's broken nail, a big tantrum (I do have the best BF ever!) and I think I've recovered! 

To the point, actually, where I think I kinda like my tiny nails tiny :)Hey, one must make do with what one has! ;)

For today's glitter theme I went with something girly and simple and took advantage of the situation to wear one nail accessory I'd bought some weeks ago and hadn't had the change to include in a mani yet.

On with the photo tour, then:

First, to scare all our fears, an upclose of my new shorties! :D
I still pretty much love them and am lucky to have been genetically blessed with long nail beds - it could be worse, couldn't it? ;)

And here I present: the Crown Jewels!
Definitely, my favourite pice in today's mani! <3
How cute is that? It even has glitter incrusted in the bottom piece! :))

I went for a sober look, wearing mainly pinks and silvers, as I wanted nothing too heavy.
On my ring finger, I started with one coat of my best silver polish: Flormar CW101, from their Wild Nails collection. And over that I dabbed Essence Hello Holo and Essence Disco Disco, both from the Special Effect! collection.

On my pinkie you've got Bellaoggi Summer Red with two different glitter topcoaters: Essence Troy, from the Nail Art Twins collection, and Flormar P047.

On my thumb and middle finger I opted for a soft baby pink: Inocos Rosa Bebé and my thumb is sporting two coats of my favourite nude at the moment: Dermacélsia Eternal, which I tried to soberly spice up using four diamond shaped loose glitters.

I sure felt like a princess wearing the cute crown - what do you think? ;)

Let me know down in the comment section below: I've been reading all your lovely comments! I'm just not as fast replying as before (busy life!) but I always eventually do so :)

Hugs & Kissies,
Mina *


  1. Oh your nails do look princess-like :) I love them. Simple, but girly and your short nails are adorable :) You do have long fingers and long nail beds, so it's really not that bad. I am glad that you starting to like 'em too :*

    1. heheh - it was a shock then but am really loving them this short, can you believe it? ;)
      thank you for all the support, sweetie **

  2. Sooo girly and Mina your tiny nails are so cute :)

    1. Awww, thank you - you're always a darling, Irmak! :D

  3. Your nails look so cute! I actully love see them short! You have gorgeous nails.


    Séfèrys Bolg | Séfèrys Channel | Séfèrys Fan Page | Instagram

    1. Marta, thank you so much!!! Was feeling miserable about them being so short but am actually liking them now :D

  4. Your nails look cute as a button! ^^ I am glad you were brave an posted them, they're so adorable there was nothing to fear! :)

    1. hehehe - thank you, sweetie! You did make me feel so much better!! :D

  5. oooh, that crown is sooo pretty! :D

    1. Thank youuuu - I fell in love with it heheh ;)


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