Saturday, September 14, 2013

31DC2013 - Day 14: Flowers? One Stroke with Paulina from Paulina's Passions!

I know, I know I'm two manis late, but first and foremost I wanted to post today's theme.

See, Paulina and I have become quite the mani buddies (hehehe) and we'd decided on trying the one stroke technique for the first time together.

What better occasion than today's 31DC flower theme?
We're having twin posts (yey!) and you definitely have to go check hers - you'll get the gorgeous photos she's used us to and a much (MUCH) better one stroke mani ;)
So, click HERE! <3

We also decided to 'honour' a great nail blogger, whose elegant designs are impossible to go by unnoticed: Lisa from Polished Elegance, girl, you're amazing! Thank you so much for inspiring us! :D
You can check Lisa's gorgeous mani here <3

As for my own, check below ;)

You see, I think we only appreciate how something is truly beautiful when we try to recreate it ourselves and... well, we realize just how damn hard it is! ;)
Trust me, one stroke is no 10min mani, at least if you're first timer.
I absolutely admire all nail artists out there capable of doing wonders with this technique, 'cause, trust me, this is haaaaaaaaaaard! 

Paulina and I decided upon having a different colour scheme for our manis and we went with a soft pink background.
I thought my Inocos Rosa Bebé was perfect for the job - nice and elegant, just like Lisa's style ;)

Then for the one stroke, we went with dark blue and white acrylics.
So... here's when it got really hard - the. brush. just. wouldn't. do. as. told.
Jeeeeezzzz!!! They make it seem so easy but it's so not!! ;(

I did my best and for a first time I think I've got the right to actually feel kinda proud ;)
I know it's not the best one stroke - hell, can it even be considered one stroke? ;) - but I still like it and it made me feel elegant and a true lady! :))

Hope you've enjoyed this one and let me know if you'd like more one stroke flower manis ;)
Make sure you show Paulina some love - she's so deserving! :D

Hugs & Kissies,
Mina *


  1. Sweetie, these ate gorgeous :) I love them. I think we both we did pretty well for the first time! Great job my mani buddy. I love the colors you used. the blue is so vibrant.

    1. hehehe - most of all it was great fun doing these with you, hun! Your looked gorgeous and the colours you chose combined beautifully!

  2. I had to look at them again and I noticed just now how beautiful flowers you have in the photos :) they match perfectly to your Manu.

    1. Yes!! They grow near my house and are just adorable! Too bad the plant itself is poisonous - hahah ;)

  3. Obviously my phone does know what "mani" is yet ;)

  4. This pink is just the perfect baby pink!

    1. I agree! It's adorable and applies so smoothly - it's amazing! :D

  5. Great try, girl! I admire your courage to try new stuff all the time!

    1. Aww, thank you so much, sweetie! One must go for it ;)

  6. Replies
    1. Thank you so much, Camy! :D

  7. Omg, thank you girls for your sweet words! I did not realize I could be inspiring! lol :p
    I really love your result, I told Paulina as well, the colors you used are so pretty!

    1. Well deserved words: your blog and talent are amazing <3
      Happy you liked the result, sweetie - yeyyy :))


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