Thursday, March 28, 2013

TPC - Round 4: Outta This World!

This is the final round of the Tri-Polish Challenge for the month of March.
Looking back to the previous manis for this challenge I end up realizing I tried hard to be creative, for I thought the three chosen colours didn't and would not, in a million years, look good put together.

So, just in order to move away from common looks, I ended up surprising myself, and I think that's what's so great about this challenge: not only does it make you use the polishes you own already, it also makes you think of different ways of wearing them.

I do realize, though, that my last manicures weren't very office work friendly and one could say they were not even all that feminine and grown-up. 

Still, I had fun creating them and really enjoyed pushing my drawing skills to the limit ;)

Today's manicure, though it might look again childish and a big no-no for your work place... it sure is a fun one!


It's a little green man!! :) 
I think I got inspired by yesterday's post title, which made me think of Martians and outer space! I think having martians on all of my nails would have been a bit too much (even for a relaxed work environment such as mine), so I went for a martian accent nail instead and decided on a simple galaxy look for the rest of the nails.

On the galaxy nails, I created a (not-so-successful) gradient using black and purple (Purple Professional Nos. 18 & 36). 
I then added a little red planet on the tip of my nails, first sponging with white (Purple Professional No.32) and then with the coral shade (Rimmel London Coralicious 430).
Lastly, for the galaxy effect, I dabbed a bit of a silver shade (Andreia No.22) and sponged some holo glitter topper (Flormar P046) to give it a starry effect.

For the martian accent nail, I started off with a circular gradient, white at the edges (Purple Professional No.32) and green in the middle (SallyHansen Green with Envy 110), as I wanted my little green man to have some sort or aura - haha!
Then I used first the black polish to draw the body of the martian, its legs, arms and antennas, and then filled it in with the green polish. Last touches went for its smile and three eyes! :)

 And here is the matte version - just for a more cartoonish feel to it.
Which do you prefer?

So, how do you feel about this one? Genious? (haha)
Cute? Funny? Wonky? Or just plain silly?
Do you prefer creative manicures or more serious ones? ;)
Make sure to let me know down below and have yourselves a fine day!! Don't let the weather ruin it for you - just shake it off with a smile! :)

Also, check the other ladies' ideas for today's challenge round - you'll definitely find great ones! 

Hugs & Kissies,
Mina *


  1. There are amazing! I love the monster haha :)

    1. Thank you Laura! :)
      My lil' alien monster says 'hi'! **

  2. Ohhhh hehe I love the little Martian :-) And I think I prefer the matte finish.

    1. Thank you!! :)) I have to agree with you on the finish - the matte one looks much better and I ended up leaving it that way :)

  3. Haha the alien is awesome! What a cutie :)

    1. It kept me company throughout the day! hehe ;)

  4. This is awesome! Also, I've tagged you for the Versatile Blogger Award!! Here is the post where you have been tagged!

    1. Wow! Thank you so much! You just made me :))
      I've also been loving your looks for this challenge (today's one being the awesomest of all four!**)

  5. Gosto mais das brilhantes! Mas que jeitão brutal que tens! Tomara eu :D

    1. Awww - obrigada pelo comentário super motivante!


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