Monday, March 11, 2013

Chasing Away Les Monday Blues!

with...WATERMARBLE! :)

I know you don't know me all that well, 'cause anyway I haven't even been around for that long either.

Still, know this: first time I discovered watermarbling was like finding out I could be a genius at nail hard with very little hard work involved. Until, that is, I discovered, of course... how WRONG I was!

Watermarble got me mesmerized for weeks, to a point that all those around me kept avoiding me for fear I made them watch yet another YouTube video and NailLord knows I watched a ton of those!
When I finally felt confident enough to try it on my own... I failed miserably!

I got my heart broken, so I packed up my bags and left happy watermarble la-la land - quite the drama queen, I know ;)

Anyhow, now after what must be, what?...almost two years?, I decided it was about time this old passion and myself got reconnected! 

And although I can't say I totally succeeded I sure enough have improved.

Think not though this was a walk in the park, because before I managed to find me the right polishes, I went through nearly my entire stash!

And then, all of sudden, as I was about to postpone it once more, magic happened - enter epic music here - and I found... The Ones:

Flormar to the rescue, yessir!
P065, a light creme baby blue, and P071, a strong electric blue, with a shine of its own, were my heroes for the day!

And here's the result!
This is my right hand I'm showing you because my left one, the one supposed to look the best, all nice and everything, got lots of little bubbles.
So if any of you know how I can avoid it, please share - I am an eager and thankful learner! :)

Now, I kow he pinky is a disgrace design-wise, but the truth is... by the time I found the polishes that worked, I was already huffing and puffing, very very tired and I decided to dip all my four fingers at once, contributing thus to a very funny looking pinky ;(

Also, my index finger got some of the polish eaten away by all the after scrubbing and cleaning I had to do - because let me tell you: this technique makes for a very messy manicure!
Even if you apply sticky tape around your fingers for protection, if you're inexperienced like I certainly am, you will have to clean up... a lot!!
 And you end up with really dried-up cuticles for all the acetone you'll be using - look at my poor skin :/
That's why next time, I'll scrub olive oil on the skin instead, to make the cleaning easier and the process less dehydrating! :))

Now, overlooking all the above 'minor' details, I think my nails actually look pleasant and appealing enough - or I wouldn't be showing them to you! ;)
They may all look different from each other, have flaws here and there but, hey!, one must learn how to crawl before one can run the marathon and finish first! haha

So... which is you favourite? Let me know in the comments below and stay indoors tonight - it's raining like mad outside! 
(Oh Summer, where art thou?)

Hugs & Kissies,
Mina *


  1. Isto dá uma trabalheira! Mas os resultados são awesome!

    1. Oh se dá! Mas estou com fé que, apanhando-lhe o jeito, dê para fluir mais naturalmente ;)
      Além disso - os resultados compensam tanto que uma pessoa até se esquece da chatice hehe **

  2. eh pah estou encantada! ficaram perfeitas!

    1. quase, quase, mas obrigada ;)
      ainda sou uma principiante nesta técnica hehe **

  3. Ena, isso deve dar imenso trabalho, mas está o máximo... Parabéns!

    1. Obrigada :) O que dá trabalho é a limpeza no final, mas os resultados compensam!

  4. E que trabalheira :)
    Estão simplesmente magistrais :)

    1. hehe - tu ainda testemunhaste os primeiros rounds ;)


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