Sunday, March 10, 2013

PJs with Flowers

There are times when I need to have a good productive Sunday, composed of several layers of... laziness *add beaming smile to sentence*

And there's nothing more comfortable you can have on while enjoying it than your PJs *add assertive nod of agreement*

But...I also wanted to join Tip Top Nails Fun Flower Contest and for that I needed a flowery mani to participate.

And that's why I created: Flowery PJs on my nails! haha
It's all I could think of after finishing it: pastel colours, stripes and roses? It clearly has PJs written all over it! :) 

These were the babies that accompanied me in the journey:
Essence Colour & Go Choose Me! (No.38)
Coral Matt Effect No.404
Coral Matt Effect No.413
Inglot No.223

So I started off with Coral No.404, a lovely baby pink shade that dries matte, without you having to top coat it with a special matte polish.
Two lovely layers was all it took for a lovely finish!

I then added the stripes with a thin brush, using Choose Me from Essence to give the matte finish a little umph :)

And finally, I freehanded the roses using Coral No.413 and Inglot No.223.
I must confess i was aiming for a more feminine slash girlie slash elegant look but...
all I got me was some PJs! hahaha

Let me hear what you think in the comments below and don't be shy to tell me if you didn't get out of your PJs today ;)
Love you all and thank you for keeping on reading my foolish blabber <3

Hugs & Kissies,
Mina *


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