Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Take It Down A Notch

... was what I thought after having dwelved into the dephts of watermarbling, nearly loosing my already not so sane mind ;)

So, I engaged on a simpler manicure today, using more discreet shades:

I used two polishes only and a couple of duochromed star decorations (is that how you call it?)
The one from the left is No.30 from DERMExcellence, a peachy colour I don't like to wear on its own because (1) it takes too many coats for full opacity and (2) it doesn't really agree with my skin tone all that well.
The one on the right you already know is my favourite white polish - No.32 from Purple Professional :)

And here's the result of such combination.
All I did was start with two coats of white, sponge the peachy polish into a diagonal gradient, apply a star on each finger, top coat and, voilà, I was ready to go! :))

Even I sometimes like to wear discreet colours!
The truth is: with my nails as long as they are, if I am to wear all the bold and vibrant colours that I love, I end up looking like the Wicked Witch.
I know I could file them but I've been waiting for my nail art brushes to arrive and I find that longer nails will be a better way to start off than shorter ones ;)

This is it for today, no long post haha
Hope you've enjoyed this somewhat more subtle look from me ;)
Let me know in the comments - I really appreciate reading your thoughts **

Hugs & Kissies,
Mina *


  1. Estão fofinhas, já a chamar pela Primavera, gosto ^^
    Beijocas grandes****

    1. :))
      deve ter sido o meu inconsciente hehe

  2. Beautiful, i love how this looks!

    1. Thank you, Josephine!! :))

  3. Gosto muito! Estão lindas :)

    1. Obrigada, Carolina :))


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