Sunday, July 31, 2016

40 Great Nail Art Ideas – Festivals / Hippie / Travels - Ferris Wheel Nails

Hello to you from a Sunday morning in Portugal!
I bet you're surprised I'm even writing on a Sunday, but it's for a good cause.

I hadn't posted a nail art idea for the fab #40GNAI challenge since June and I was kinda feeling bad for it.
Also, I managed to duly finish reading this month's book for my reading + nail art group (The Polished Bookworms - fab ladies there!).

So, I was able to come up with a nail art look to fit both challenges in both these groups - yay for Summer holidays! :)

Let's check it out then:

Ferris Wheel Nails

The Polished Bookworms reading this month was All the Missing Girls, by Megan Miranda.
I chose to recreate the cover of the book, because it totally fit the theme for #40GNAI as well.
I did my backgroudn gradient first and chose to lighten it up and not make it as dark as the cover's to wiggle the happy festivals vibe there a bit, too.
I then freehanded the rest of the design and made the most hamster-wheel-looking Ferris Wheel ever - haha!

Ferris Wheel Nails

As for the book, I really liked it. I mean I liked the plot, even if the writing wasn't all that jazz.
The idea behind the way the author wrote the story is great and I can see it working fab in a TV series. Every chapter ended in a way that kept you wanting to read what happened next, like an end of an episode. In the book, the startegy ends up being a bit messy and repetitive, but it's still readable.
Ohh! And I specially liked the mini-guide at the end of the book, with tips on how to 'Enhance Your Book Club' - I thought it was quite neat for reading groups (btw, my copy is a digital copy, don't know if this guide also shows in the hard copy).

And that's it! Hope you enjoyed these and I'm wishing you a very relaxing Sunday - I know I'm gonna be lazying around ;)

Hugs & Kissies,
Mina * 


  1. Looks great! I love nail art like this.

  2. Your freehand is so good Mina! Totally flawless gradient too. I think this looks great!

  3. Your freehand is way better than mine :0) i got nail art brushes other day so will have a play around with that. Your design is lovely and the gradient colours are beautiful too xx

  4. OH my gosh! If this isn't perfection I don't know what is :) Perfect colors, perfect gradient and that free hand is... PERFECT! I love the vibe of this nail art and now I definitely need to read the book :)

  5. This is a fabulous design for summer, reminds me of warm nights hanging out with friends at a carnival or theme park! I need to get back into reading, I miss it but I just don't make the time haha.

  6. Gorgeous design Mina! I love the ferris wheel so much!!

  7. Oh this is so pretty, it reminds me of Coachella! The colours you used for the sky are just perfect!

  8. These are awesome! Your free-hand is amazing! :)

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