Friday, July 29, 2016

The Digit-al Dozen Does Birthdays! July - Fractal Galaxy Nails

Hello, gorgeous readers and nail art lovers!!
We're doing something fun today! As you might have taken from this post's title, all we wonderful ladies from Digit-al Dozen decided on a new feature and that is celebrating each other's brithdays.

Today we're honouring the birth of lovely Roselynn from Manicured and Marvelous  - drop by her blog, check her gorgeous nails and wish her a happy birthday!

Roselynn gave us a picture to inspire us and she chose quite a challenging one - check it out HERE.

Fractal Galaxy Nails

This is my attempt at nail-arting it. What do you think?

Fractal Galaxy Nails

Despite the colours being slightly different from the original picture, they still fit the general scheme and most importantly, I'm happy I managed to give these that fractal spotty look.

Fractal Galaxy Nails

I used a sponge and way too many polishes (a total of nine actually plus fluorescent yellow acrylic paint) to create this look but I'm deeming it totally worth it! 
Kiko 357
Kiko 482 
Kiko 530
Kiko 533
Wycon N.701
Wycon N.718
Catrice  CO2 Never Green Before
Powder Perfect Land of Reeds
Prestige 67 Orangerie

Fractal Galaxy Nails

I love how they can be almost anything, from a Mars desert space-y look to a fractal to even a bacteria Petri dish. 

What do these resemble to you? Let me know in the comments, I'm curious ;)

Hugs & Kissies,
Mina *


  1. I just love how these turned out. It looks so cool!

  2. Fantastic nail art!! I think it's better than the picture - and that was cool! Well done!!

  3. Wow what a tricky image to do nail art inspired by! I think you did really great Mina!!

  4. Totally a Petri dish! I really like these!

  5. I think you really captured the feeling of the art, with that fractal looks. Beautiful.

  6. Wow.. so so cool! You did an awesome job of capturing the original image. And yes, I can totally see petri dish here. But in a good way ;).


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