Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Watercolor Floral Nails - Twin Mani with Paulina's Passions

Good day, everyone!
Hope you're having a fabulous one. I sure am, having finished a super fun mani combo with my sweet friend Paulina.

We've got a twin mani to show you today and let me tell you, you'll need to check her blog for more pictures; her nails look so awesome!

Watercolor Floral Nails

Paulina had the great idea to have us recreate THIS original mani by @melcisme, inspired by THIS freehand recreation done by @lieve91. I couldn't say no; it's such a beautiful design.

Watercolor Floral Nails

This is the shiny version, but if I'm to be honest, the matte look is 100 times cooler.
I freehanded the watercolour flower with acrylic paint and I think the effect is much better matte.

Watercolor Floral Nails

I used Purple Professional Party Time for the neon pink nails.
Wycon N.718 and Inocos 0% Efeitos Preto were used for the black and white striped nail.

Watercolor Floral Nails

And although the black bled a little when I topcoated it, I still like it - makes it look vintage haha

Hope you enjoyed this one, lovelies - we sure were excited to show you our twin mani :)
See you soon!

Hugs & Kissies,
Mina *


  1. Hi Mina. Thank you so much for doing these twin nails with me. I haven't been excited about nails this much in a long time. Doing this gorgeous design with you gave me tons of motivation and more nail art inspiration. Like I told you already, your nails came out beautifully and the colors look so vibrant. You really nailed that watercolor flower, sheer perfection!

  2. Super crazy amazing design! I love it on you both!

  3. Gosh I love this flower! This is a beautiful design you've both absolutely nailed! Love them xx

  4. Gorgeous twinsie nails!! I am in love with that flower, it's just stunning!

  5. I can't believe how closely the both of you recreated this design! So gorgeous!


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