Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Digit-al Dozen DOES Pinterest: Day 3 - Skittle Raindrops Nail Art

Hello, lovelies!
Can't believe it's Wednesday already - I feel like weeks just fly by and I take no notice of days whatsoever (my brain is probably dead!).

Anyway, I'm here with Day 3 of Digit-al Dozen does Pinterest and I'm not too sure how I like this mani - help me out:

Skittle Colourful Nails

So, these are cute and colourful, right down my alley, you'd think.
However, there's something I can't quite put my finger on that makes me like these not that much really.

I was inspired by this colourful raindrops print (raindrops 'cause Autumn), by the Let's Die Friends shop on Etsy.

Skittle Colourful Nails

Instead of painting the drop, I turned the inspiration into a skittle mani and combined the different pattern on all nails. The colours are great, I just think the original is way cuter.

Essence nail polish

Funny background story - for my blue nail design I went with an old favourite: Essence Nail Art Twins Chuck.
Can you believe this polish is four years old and still going strong (I bought it around October 2011)? Beautiful, shiny, wonderful two-coater application and a no-stainer!
Have you got a favourite oldie like this?

Skittle Colourful Nails

Let me know your opinion on these (I bet you'll find the inspo picture way cuter, too).
Join me in checking the ladies' creations down in the inlinkz below - they never disappoint :)

Hugs & Kissies,
Mina *


  1. This is a cute rain drop skittle!

  2. I don't understand why you say "not liking it much"? These are really gorgeous and I like that you turned your inspirational picture around and made your own skittle mani out of it. It's bright and colorful and I love that bright yellow, which I think brings everything to life!

  3. What polish is the yellow? And the mint? I really love the mix of colours and designs!!

  4. I could do a whole mani with just the yellow nails, so adorable and fun!

  5. Love the inspiration you chose and I think you did a great job even if you don't like how it turned out too much. It's so cute! It reminds me of raincoats and galoshes. Love it!

  6. they're really beautiful Mina! And yes, I'd say it's totally you ;-) so it's strange to read you don't like them so much. Maybe because the idea wasn't entirely yours? Either way, I'm glad you chose these and that you shared them regardless of how you felt about them! It's a fabulous approach to nail art, a careless, carefree way to paint I love so much in your nail art! <3

    ...umm... I think mine are all oldies but goldies hahaha! My most 'recent' acquisition in nail polish is somewhere around the summer of 2014... Hence my addiction to nail polish thinner - that's what I buy more than polish! ^_^ (that's also because I tend to buy my nail polishes which were previously owned by someone else, so I don't pay fortunes on my hobby ^_- there goes my confession)


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