Thursday, September 03, 2015

Swatch & Review - Wycon Gel-Like No.02 Verde Militare[Portuguese version HERE]

I am so excited about today's post as I'm happy to announce a collaboration with Wycon Cosmectics

I have shown you some of their nail polishes (HERE and HERE) and you saw how impressed I was at the quality of their polishes.
I was therefore quite happy to be contacted to swatch some more of their polishes.

I've got a real beauty to show you today and a colour that's proving to be a staple for the upcoming Fall season - I've been seeing it in many other collections by different brands and soon I'll have a comparison post for you.

Onto today's swatch then:

Wycon Gel-Like No.02 Verde Militare

This is Wycon No.02 Verde Militare from their gel-like line.
The name says it all about the colour.

Wycon Gel-Like No.02 Verde Militare

Application was dreamy: no streaks, no cuticle flooding and no staining.
I didn't apply topcoat so you could see how shiny the finish is to this polish - amazed!
You're seeing two coats - you can get away with one coat if your nail are shorter but I still had some tiny bald patches and I wanted my nails looking perfect, so two coats it was.

Wycon Gel-Like No.02 Verde Militare

I'm really excited that the brand is available in Portugal - the quality is fantastic and these are quite affordable.
Can't wait to show you the next one, so stay tuned!

Had you heard of the brand before? Have you tried any of their polishes?
Portuguese ladies, let me know if you felt tempted and show me your buys over on Facebook or Instagram!

You can purchase Wycon Cosmectics in their shop in Campo Pequeno (PT) HERE .

And connect with them for news and updates: Official Site – Facebook – Twitter – Instagram

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