Saturday, September 05, 2015

Swatch & Review - Picture Polish Kryptonite

If you've seen THIS picture before on my Instagram feed, you know today's post is a dream come true.

So, today's post is gonna be another swatch & review one, a very special one (seriously, had you seen me walking around staring at my nails all day and moving them at different angles in the sun, you'd know just how much).

I present you:

Picture Polish Kryptonite.

Picture Polish Kryptonite.

I applied two coats to my nails and the smooth application was more than I could've asked for.
Kryptonite is the most gorgeous dark green jelly ever made. It's got holographic large particles and the jelly finish gives it that depth and dimension so sought after by all nail polish addicts.

Picture Polish Kryptonite

The above photo and this one shows it under artificial light - already stunning.

This one and the next one show Kryptonite even more splendidly: under sunlight.
Understand now why I had to flutter my hands in the air in the middle of the street like that, Lisbon people?

Picture Polish Kryptonite

I mean, just look at it!
Please ignore my super weird looking skin in this shot - I wanted the polish to shine. 
Skin tone? Who needs skin tone?!

Overall, I am even more amazed and in love with this polish than I was when I first saw it swatched here by More Nail Polish three years ago.

This had been such a major lemming of mine for so long! You can bet I'll be wearing this on my Cindy for a reaaaally long time!

What is/was the biggest lemming on your wishlist?

Hugs & Kissies,
Mina *

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  1. Soooo! Let's make up for the lost comments, huh?
    These green wonders are incredibly beautiful! And I love how you're such a lighthearted, joyful gal! The simple pleasures, huh? like glitter in the sun, like a bottle of polish we so dearly want <3 love that so much about you! I always end up with a smile after seeing your nails and reading your stories!

    Oh, and just to be sure that the entire world is up to speed: my most treasured wishlist priority is the entire Zoya Pixie Dust collection! (of which I have only 2 and I plan on adding Godiva soon... I hope!)


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