Monday, September 07, 2015

Swatch and Review - Dior Black Out Today's post is another exciting one: I gave in to the little voice inside my head and decided to splurge on some of the new polishes from  Dior Cosmopolite collection.

I saw all the new ones that came out and had a really hard time choosing (I might still need to go back to the Dior stand, don't judge me!).

In the end, I went with colours I knew I'd be wearing a lot, 'cause that's how you take the most of high-end, crazy expensive nail polishes ;)

Let's show you one of my purchases, then:

Swatch and Review - Dior Black Out

Meet Dior Black Out.

A deep black creme, Black Out had got with a subtle hint of thin sparkle/shimmer, that gives it more depth.
I'm also glad to say it does not contain toluene, formaldehyde, phthalates or camphor, something your nails will be glad about. 

Swatch and Review - Dior Black Out

You're looking at two thin coats that applied beautifully and with very little cuticle flooding.
I found it was a stubborn polish to take off your cuticles, so you better prepare them with some oil, or have them in tip top shape. 
I didn't use any topcoat for this swatch, as per usual (I like to give you guys the 'real polish' bare) and you can really see how glossy it is by itself.
Also, notice the subtle sparkly shimmer? Love it!

black nails

I found this beauty to be far too pretty to be wearing any nail art on top, so I paired it with a cute ring I got for review from
You can wear it as a normal ring or a knuckle ring and you have many models you can choose from.
I made sure to wear this for a while (see HERE and HERE), (1) to make sure it wouldn't cause any allergy on my skin and (2) to check how it would handle wearability. 

Available HERE
Cute Rabbit Ears Nail Ring

My code AMLC15 gives you a 15% off code and Lady Queen offers free shipping worldwide.

black nails

I'm glad to report I didn't have any skin allergies, so the metal it's made of is not harmful.
On the other hand, though, I noticed the gold layer was fading out pretty soon, just right after two days of wear, so you might want to bear that in mind.

And now I'm off for a dinner out with Bf - feeling extra chic wearing Dior hahah :)

Hugs & Kissies,
Mina *


  1. Oh, my! Dinner with Dior uhh. pardon my French: dinner with your Bf! Sweet! <3 hope you have fun!

    I can't wait to hear how long it's staying put without chipping or wearing off (for instance I never had any Orly polish that didn't have tips wearing off in less than half a day. Never with OPI)! It's a gorgeous shade, anyway, a blue-black rich color! I reminds me of Konad's stamping black lol! Ummm.. the ring, on the other hand - so cute and funny!!! <3 love it!

  2. Black Out is so gorgeous! For a classic color like that, you'll never regret splurging on a high-end polish!

  3. Wow, so gorgeous and classy! I think sometimes it's worth to splurge on those classy colors! You'll use them and won't regret, especially with this amazing formula :) Beautiful swatches sweetie. And sorry about your Disqus thingy... I still hope things will go back to normal for you and your comments will be brought back.

  4. Sometimes we all need to splurge on something! This is well worth the splurging! It's so pretty and I'm sure will be worth it in the long run.

  5. Oh man this shade is gorgeous!! I love the subtle hidden shimmer. By the way, I usually apply a layer of clear polish or top coat on cheap rings, this stops the metal from discolouring :)

  6. I always love Dior polishes, though I can almost never justify the hefty price tag. This sure looks amazing!

  7. Black Out is one of my favorite Dior polishes! Such a nice classic shade to have! Love your pictures :)


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