Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Comparison Post - Dior Métropolis & Wycon Verde Militare've never really bothered much about the whole 'dupe' thing in the nail blogosphere, to be honest. was until I started to buy more and more polish, coveting some awesome collections that were... well, too expensive.

That's when I understood the whole 'dupe' hype scene thing.
Today's post is my first comparison post and I'm quite excited to be doing something differnt on the blog, so I'll hope you'll like it!

 Dior Métropolis

Today's post is a comparison between Wycon Verde Militare and Dior Métropolis (which I'll be swatching and reviewing more throroughly for you this weekend).
I thought these two were dupes but I couldn't have been wronger.

 Dior Métropolis dupe

Both polishes cover beautifully in two coats and have a lovely shiny finish on its own but that's about it.
Although both lean towards a grey-ish green, the Dior is a darker greener shade than Wycon's.

Price wise they're also very different - Dior retails for €26.10 (I bought it myself together with the other splurge of the month - see HERE) and Wycon retails for €3.90 (this product was sent to me for review by the brand and I've swatched it for you HERE).
That's quite a major difference!

Wycon Verde Militare

The brushes on these two brands are also entirely different.
The Wycon one is longer and thinner and more rectangular shaped with a straight tip.

 Dior Métropolis

And the Dior brush is wider and shorter, with a round tip.

 Dior Métropolis

Overall, I'm glad to have both in my collection, because they're not dupes - mostly two entirely different shades - and they're both the perfect Fall shade at the same time.

This shade is all over Fall collections - have you seen it around, too?
Is it a colour you'd rock on your nails or not really? Let me know all about it and also your thoughts on this 'new' kind of post.

By the way, did you notice the new watermark? Opinions are very welcome :)

Hugs & Kissies,
Mina *


  1. The dark grey polish looks great! Its so helpful to see them swatched side by side too.

  2. I love this kind of greyish green :D I def imagine me wearing something like it and yes, I like this kind of posts because are very informative. I uasully then to spend small funds on beauty items as I prefer to have more things to discover...
    The watermark is fine, don't worry Mina!
    Have a nice day and xoxo from Italy

  3. I would definitely wear both of these on my nails. Love that Dior brush though. Rounded brushes are my favourite thing! I think you've covered everything in this post, it's a great comparison, and in the name of saving money, although they're a shade or two different, it's only with darkness and I'd happily take the cheaper option. Love your watermark too! I really should find an program that does a curved one. I'm just too lazy!

  4. Sometimes dupe posts are awesome, most of the time, they make me want all the polish! Haha! Thanks for adding 2 more polishes to my want list. LOL. Love the new watermark and the post! Awesome!

  5. Oh these are absolutely my colour! I so enjoy a dupe post every now and then - I think I've only spent more than $20 on a single polish a handful of times and sometimes it's nice to know that you don't have to be dropping loads of cash on expensive brands all the time.

    Except in this case... I am utterly in love with the Dior! The brush is my favourite kind and the polish looks much richer. Great post Mina, definitely covered everything I'd want to know!

  6. I really love this type of colour! It looks very pretty on you! And the new watermark looks good!

  7. Great post with detailed pictures! I love a good affordable dupe...these are definitely different, but may be close enough for me with the big price difference!!

  8. Such a great post! Love that you not only compared colors but also the brush and such!


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