Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Summer's Last Nail Art - Seahorse on Glitter Sea Nails

http://cubbiful.blogspot.pt/2013/01/review-policy-for-public-relations.htmlThis is probably the saddest blog post title in the history of this blog.
I think we can say Summer is officially gone, over and done with. We had rain today...

But my nails seemed to want to hold onto Summer one last time and this mani happened:

Seahorse on Glitter Sea Nails

Underwater glitter awesomeness and the cutest seahorse charm ever!

Girly Bits Off the Scale

The beautiful, stunning and most precious glitter was a gift from my awesomely sweet friend Paulina.

She came to visit me all the way from Germany and as if finally meeting her wasn't fabulous enough, she brought along an unbelievably large nail polish gift for me full of new-to-me brands.
Girly Bits Off the Scale was one of them - I'll post a swatch of this baby on the blog very soon.

And because it's that gorgeous I couldn't cover it up with too complicated nail art and opted for the perfect nail charm: a golden seahorse.

Seahorse Charm available HERE
1 Box 3D Ocean Nails Deco 

This item retails for $5.51 and has a great variety of sea related charms - and they're all so cute!
You can use my coupon code SGBQ10 for 10% off your purchase.

summer nails

It was a pleasure wearing this, even if meant getting some rain on them.
I think the weather is pretty much poop for the rest of the week. Oh well, so long Summer! See you next year!

How about you? Have you work your last Summer mani yet? How's the weather on your end?

Hugs & Kissies,
Mina *


  1. That seahorse omg!!! I need to get me some of those! The weather has gone to sh*t here too, Summer really is over :'(

  2. What a sweet gift from a dear friend! Your nails can hold on to summer as long as they want...because these are gorgeous! :D

  3. That seahorse ♥ so adorable! Even though I'll miss those long Summer nights, I actually feel quite happy with the cooler temperatures.

  4. Well isn't that polish just perfect for an underwater look and the seahorse is the best little addition. I for one am excited for Fall. Summer is my least favorite season... haha! I'm in the minority I know.

  5. This is a beautiful polish...and extra special that it's from a good friend :) Love the little seahorse charm, too!

  6. I'm really happy that you are loving this glitter! Such an awesome mermaid effect and it looks beautiful on you :) I miss you everyday!


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