Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Red Stamper Head Review - BornPrettyStore.com

I've got a stamper review for you today.
http://cubbiful.blogspot.pt/2013/01/review-policy-for-public-relations.htmlI recently received for review an XL red head stamper from BornPrettyStore.com
and I thought I'd show you what look I tried it with.

You might have seen I wasn't too happy about my 31DC mani yesterday (HERE), so I though a little stamping might add something nice to it.

stamping nails

I decided leaves would be the most fitting pattern and these kinda remind me of bamboo and I think they're cool. I stamped using stamping plate BP-19 and some black nail polish.

Red Stamper Head Review - BornPrettyStore.com

I took a picture of the stamper head side by side my nails so you could see just how XL it is.
You can fit those intricate big plate designs in this beauty and choose which part you best want to apply on your nail.
Or, you can also make some fantastic nail decals here - I'll surely be doing that soon!

This 4cm XL Stamper is available HERE 

This item retails for $4.59 and my coupon code SGBQ10 will give you a 10% discount off your purchase.

Red Stamper Head Review - BornPrettyStore.com

I stamped in gold so you could see another pretty picture of how lovely this beauty can pick up designs off of a stamping plate.
Overall, I quite loved it and here's my thoughts on it:
1) you don't need to prime it at all, which I thank for;
2) make sure you used a rolling motion to pick up the design - pressing on won't work with this one;
3) this is not a sticky stamper header;
4) it feels squishy and marshmallow-y enough to wrap around my curved nails and make me happy.

Definitely recommend it! Hope this one was a helpful review - let me know which stamper is your favourite down in the comments!

Hugs & Kissies,
Mina *


  1. Beautiful manicure!! I love the leaves print. I'm expecting one of these stampers in the mail soon, I can't wait to try it now!!

  2. Yay, looks like a great stamper head! I love those big stamper heads because you don't have to be scared of not picking up the entire image from your plate.

  3. I love the manicure! It reminds me of a watermelon almost too which I'm digging! And the stamper makes me want to figure out how to stamp!

  4. Which nailplate did u use with the golden paint? :)


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