Wednesday, September 30, 2015

31 Day Nail Art Challenge 2015 - Round 2: Styles #31DC2015

31DC2015 is reaching its end (tomorrow's the last prompt!) and I better catch up on the round up posts before it does!

If you've been seeing me post daily on my Instagram and Facebook, here you can see all the pretty manis together in one spot. If you haven't check my daily posts, this is the place to keep updated! :)

Today's post is all about the second round - Styles.
As in the previous 31DC post, below each day prompt, you have a link to my previous years' looks - just click to check them and compare how much I have (hopefully) evolved.

Let's go!

dots nail art

 2013 ------------ 2014

Look! I did tiny colourful disco balls/laser lights on my nails. 


I took my thinnest nail art brush and some acrylic paints and went into dotting frenzy! :)

Polishes used:

stripes nails

 2013 ------------ 2014

Can't deny the visual impact of a striping tape mani, hey?

striping tape nails

I painted my nails white and after waiting for it to dry thoroughly, I applied striping tape in different patterns on my nails and painted them with contrasting colours for a striking effect.
Love this combo!
 Polishes used:
Wycon No.718
Kiko No.255 Violet Microglitter
Kiko No.526 Mint

watercolor nails

 2013 ------------ 2014

I wanted my nails to look like feathers and that's what I tried to recreate for Animal Print day, using acrylic paints and the watercolour technique.

animal print nails

Bf said they resembled nothing of the sort and the only reason he could (maybe) see it was because I told him to! haha
Still, I really like how these turned out and they remind me of tropical feathered birds :)

Polishes used:
Wycon No.718

floral nails

 2013 ------------ 2014

This one felt like a failure to me - I went for freehand flowers over texture nail polishes and I'm still not sure if I like or hate them. 

floral nails

I even did two colour combos, just because I wasn't sure.What do you think?!

Polishes used:
Sephora Formula X Star Power
Beauty UK No.25 Grit FX - Banksy
Beauty UK No.24 Grit FX - Kensington

delicate print

 2013 ------------ 2014

These are one of my favourite - I went really abstract thinking with this prompt and chose to freehand some ghost-like, thin lines on my nails.

abstract nail art

I particularly love the colour combo I picked for the look. They look so eye-catching and put together! One of my favourite without a doubt!

Polishes used:
Kiko No.328 Grey
Bellaoggi Gel Effect Keratin 48 Amalfi
Wycon Gel-Like No.05 Viola Amaranto

summer nails

 2013 ------------ 2014

These were probably the funniest nails I did for the geometric prompt so far - they're just so cheeky.

stamping nails

The background lines were freehanded (I recreated that first attempted fail I showed you HERE) and I then stamped a flamingo picture to give the illusion it was running from nail to nail. Cute!

Polishes used:
Purple Professional Party Time!
Inglot No.954

glitter placement nails

 2013 ------------ 2014

These were probably the most frustrating and infuriating of the entire challenge. I went with glitter placement, but, unluckily, the pieces were all in different sizes and pairing and aligning them was a true nightmare.
The final result though is kinda pretty, hey?

Polishes used:
Wycon No.02 (basecoat)

halfmoon nails

 2013 ------------ 2014

I compensated right the next day with some really cool nails - I loved my half-moons!

halfmoon nails

 I used the prettiest base polish in the world (aren't we always saying this one? ;)) and freehanded a sort of tribal-ish, mandala kind of half-moons.
I love the contrasting colours, specially - silver and royal blue? Yes, please!

 2013 ------------ 2014

So... I had an immense fail on this prompt and my first design looked a mess!
I still shared it because #failsarenails , too - really, we need to learn to enjoy the process and not put too much pressure on something that's supposed to be fun! :)

galaxy nails

Because it's then when pretty things happen, such as these ones. They were my second look for the galaxy prompt and I couldn't have loved them more, really.
I used a glittery, very stars and comets like, nail polish and freehanded the space rocket and its combustion fumes with acrylic paints (check for my inspiration HERE - you're gonna laugh!).

Polishes used:
Foxy Paws Want You

watermarble nails

 2013 ------------ 2014

I had sequential fails as you can see by this very ugly looking watermarble design -  talk about colour combo disaster!
But I didn't let it kick my butt and went for another one instead:

watermarble nails

Aren't these pretty!? Loved the polishes I wore and despite the fact that I need to work on my placement (this is a lot like stamping, really), I like all the designs I achieved on each nail.

And we're done! Which one did you like best?

Hugs & Kissies,
Mina *


  1. All of the manicures looks great!

  2. OMG, those are the TINIEST dots ever! So cute! To quote myself, quoting a movie "what is this, nail art for ants!?" Haha! Also, great job on the watermarbling!

    1. Oops, hit enter too soon. But really, I love all the looks. Fabulous!

  3. Beautiful collection of designs Mina! I'm drawn to the tiny polka dots the most, so tiny and cute it looks like decals not freehand!

  4. The delicate print nails are my favorite, along with those teeny tiny dots! Gorgeous!

  5. My gosh! I have seen most designs on your social media already, but when you put them together like this it's a real treat to the eyes :) So beautiful and I agree with Valesha, these dots are the tiniest! Incredible. Love the glitter placement as well as the amazing watermarble. Great job on the 31DC sweetie, I am proud of you :)

  6. Wow so many gorgeous designs Mina! I love the feathers, delicate print (those are just WOW!), half moons and your watermarbles are insanely pretty!

  7. I don't even know which one I like the best, there's too many to choose from! Great challenge this year :)


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