Thursday, October 01, 2015

Maple Tree Leaves - Fall Nail Art

Today's nail art is my second Fall design and I'm proud of how it looks after I tried making it for the fifth time!!

Yes, you read that right - I had to redo this mani four times and the fifth finally produced results I was happy with.

Let's show you these maple tree leaves then:

Maple Tree Leaves - Fall Nail Art

This design is part of a a Fall Twin Mani with lovely @skyhigh_nails - she's fairly new to Instagram, so go show her some love :)
You can see the collage HERE - and it was her idea: some maple tree leaves over brown as accent nails and some gold to make it all pop.

P2 Gold & Crown 010 Brown Splendour

I used the only brown polish I own and love: P2 Gold & Crown 010 Brown Splendour.
I don't mind Fall if I can still use rich, highly pigmented and mesmerizing polishes - come on in, Fall :)

Maple Tree Leaves - Fall Nail Art

I applied gold foil to my index and pinkie fingers to complete the look.
I freehanded the maple leaves (not without messing up some of the tiny ones) and despite some really thick leave stems and not such very good blending with the colours, I'm happy with this one - they look like maple tree leaves for sure ;) 

What do you think?

Hugs & Kissies,
Mina *


  1. So perfect for fall time!

  2. Perfect, perfect, perfect! And the fact that you paired it with gold foil accents just adds to the perfection. Love it!

  3. This is absolutely gorgeous, I love your freehand leaves. I spent ages with leaves yesterday but they are no way near as pretty as yours! The foil also is such a beautiful finishing touch, this is just wonderful <3

  4. What!! You freehanded these? Oh my gosh!!! PERFECTION!

  5. Uhm, your maple leaves look PERFECT!!!!

  6. I cannot believe you freehanded those leaves! Is this some kind of trick! Girl, you're amazing! I love them!

  7. I can't believe you freehanded the leaves...they are just flawless! Gorgeous work :)


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