Monday, July 20, 2015

Paint All The Nails Does Floral

I'm sooo excited to be sharing today's blog and nail look with you.

A team of awesome ladies and nail bloggers and myself are part of a small FB group called Paint all the Nails and today we're participating in our first (of many, we hope) link-up theme.

We voted for themes and floral was the winner - I mean, what else, right? Florals please everyone and there's so much you can do with it.

reversed stamping Floral Nails

I went with a floral reversed stamping nail look and these couldn't have come out more lovely.
I love all the colours so much!

Wycon nail polish

I painted my nails two coats of white, using Wycon No.718.
I haven't forgotten I still need to swatch and review this baby for you - I promise it'll come soon.

Cute Floral Nails

I then used a new stamper, I got for review from
It's a double-headed stamper, which is perfect for reverse stamping and stamping decals: it saves time! :)
It's not as squishy as my former stamper but it's still very nice and marshmallow-y and my curved nail beds totally loved it.

You can get it HERE

Cute Pink Fat Stamping Nail Art Stamper

born pretty store coupon code

This item retails for $3.99, with FREE International shipping.  
And coupon code SGBQ10 will get you an additional 10% off of your entire purchase.

Cute Floral Nails

I used a bunch of different nail polishes to fill in the design, too many to list, and Born Pretty 07 stamping plate, also from
I didn't fill in the whole thing, though, as I wanted to highlight the flowers.

I'm so excited to be seeing everyone's designs - off to check them all. 
Hope you do the same, I promise you won't be disappointed: just follow the links below and show them all some love :)

Hugs & Kissies,
Mina * 

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