Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Cat Stamping Nail Art Inspired by a Ring - Review

Today's nail art was inspired by a ring I got for review by I couldn't wait to wear it with a matching mani, because it's so adorable and cute!

Let's get right to it, I can't wait:

Cat Stamping Nail Art

Will you take a look at that cutie? The minute I saw it I knew I'd flaunt it in the street!
If you don't know that already, Bf and I share the house with the three most wonderful and amazing kitty kats in the world, so this ring is perfect for this cat lover here :)

Cat Stamping Nail Art

I painted my pinkie ring black with Inglot O2M No.692, and my index and middle fingers with two coats of white, using Inocos Pipoca em Viagem.
For my ring finger and to spice things up, I went with an oldie I've kept in the drawer for a long time (HERE is when I last wore it on my nails. 
It's an unknown and as it was a gift I can't tell you the brand or name, 'cause I don't know really.

Cat Stamping Nail Art

I then stamped a cat on my index using the same black polish and Born Pretty 03 stamping plate.
I also added a spiked triangle to my middle finger, with some striping tape.
And voilá! Some cute nail art to fit the cutest ring ever! :)

The ring is available HERE.
Shiny Jewelry Kitten Finger Nail Art Ring

You can, of course, use my discount code AMLC15 for 15% off your purchase - remember shipping is free worldwide.
I've got to say something about this ring, though. In the website it's referred to as a knuckle ring, but it wouldn't fit any of my knuckles below my nails. Also, the only finger I could fit it into was my pinkie. You might want to know that if you're considering purchasing it.

And that's it for today - I hope you've liked it and leave me a comment, saying what's your favourite knuckle ring to match with your manis :)

Hugs & Kissies,
Mina * 

EDIT: after reading this review the company has changed the designation of the product, to avoid misunderstandings. You can now access it throught this link HERE

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