Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Donuts and Icecream Nail Art - LadyQueen.com Review

I bring you today quite the statement nail art, with some very cute and yummy nail art charms :)

Late last month I was contacted by Perlie on behalf of LadyQueen.com, a company which, among other utilities, sells nail art accessories and nail polish.

I was sent two products for review and I'm showing you what I did with one of them today.

Let's get to it then:

Donuts and Icecream Nail Art

Look at the adorable crazyness going on on my nails!!
You know I love me some cute nail art and isn't this awesome!? :)

Donuts and Icecream Nail Art

I started by painting my nails with two bright nail polishes: Purple Professional Peace, man and missp Love Affair.
I alternate the colours on each nail to add a cute flair to the look.

Donuts and Icecream Nail Art

I then topcoated each nail with Claire's Dizzy, which is the cutest and most colourful glitter topper I own and which I thought would pair up perfectly with the whole yummyness thing going on.

I then added some of the cutest and yummiest nail art charms I've had the chance to try.
You can choose between and assortment of donuts and icecreams, each cuter than the one next to it.
I applied them with clear nail polish and they held throughout the day pretty nicely :)

Available HERE

3D Nail Art Decoration Cake Icecream Nail Wheel

 The products took about 3 weeks to arrive to my door, which is pretty much the standard time. The products came neatly packaged and I was actually impressed with the good quality of these - you'll see the details on each nail charm are actually nice instead of badly made.

I was given a 15% off code to share with you, so that's also cool.
You simply use code AMLC15 to get your discount and don't you worry about shipping fees, because Lady Queen offers free shipping worldwide.

Had you heard from this company before? And how did you like these cute nails?
Would you wear something like this or is it a bit too much for your liking? 
I wanna know it all, so drop me a comment below!

Hugs & Kissies,
Mina *

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