Friday, April 24, 2015

CF Beauty Cosmetics - Swatch & Review (Part 1)

A couple days ago I was contacted by Cláudia on behalf of her very own new cosmetics and beauty line: CF Beauty Cosmetics.

She has launched her first nail polish collection for a 2015 Spring/Summer edition and the colours are all gorgeous to look at.

I was quite happy to swatch and review some polishes she sent me. I'll be showing you two today and two more tomorrow ;)

CF Nº3 Portuguese Breakfast

Let's start off with CF Beauty Cosmetics Nº3 Portuguese Breakfast.
I don't much get the name but I'm too mesmerized by the colour and formula quality to bother ;)

spring nails

It's a gorgeous shimmery aqua shade, fully bright under direct light and slightly darker in the shade.
The brand promises two coats for full opacity and two coats it is.
(Although I have to say one coat would be enough on shorter nails and if you're on a hurry - the coverage is awesome!)

aqua nails

The shimmer on this beauty is quite something and it adds just the right touch without being overpowering.
Of course with such a shade, I had only one nail art look in mind:

CF Nº3 Portuguese Breakfast

I thought seashells would go perfect with this shade and I was right - you're looking at the perfect Summer look, ladies ;)

The other shade I've got for you today is the complete opposite:

CF Nº8 Stop Whining

This is CF Beauty Cosmetics Nº8 Stop Whining - the name to this one, I do understand. 
This polish will remind you of a very elegant wine shade, I'd say it's a great candidate for this year's Pantone Marsala ;)
And will you please look at how gorgeous this polish makes my nails (and skin) look?

marsala nails

Again, you're seeing two coats and what I loved most about it was there was no cuticle flood - you know how dark polishes tend to do that and be hard to remove?
No problem of the kind with this one :)

elegant nails

Also, and still on the formula of these polishes: they dry in 3/4 minutes (talking about two thin coats here) and they are quite shiny on their own - I applied no topcoat for the swatches, as I never do anyway.

CF Nº8 Stop Whining

I went for a more elegant nail art look with this one, because how could I not!?
I applied tiny pearl studs on a upside triangle shape and I felt ready to attend to a fancy cocktail party :)

Overall, I was quite pleased and surprised to swatch and review such great, beautiful nail polishes.

Not only that, they are 4 Free and their brush is just my type: flat and wide; my nails bow down to such brush shape ;)

They also claim to use a nitrocellulose compost on their formula which prevents yellowing (us, nail bloggers sure love to hear that) and the polishes also have a solar filter to prevent the polish to fade in the sun - quite useful for the season.

All polishes are minis (you get 8ml/.28fl oz per bottle) and they retail for €1.99, which considering the colours and the formula quality is a really good price.

You can purchase the new CF Beauty Cosmetics Spring/Summer 2015 from their official website (PT).
Connect with CF Beauty Cosmetics: Official Site – Facebook – Twitter – Instagram


  1. I'm totally in love with Portoguese Breafast! It matches my hair! Yay!

  2. hahaha - your hair colour is gorgeoussss! ;)

  3. Lovely swatches! I like the studs you added to them too.

  4. Thanks, sweetheart! Happy you liked it all :D

  5. Portuguese Breakfast is so beautiful! I love the seashell studs with it. Your nail shape is so gorgeous and perfect Mina!!

  6. That Portuguese Breakfast is a really lovely shade and your little shells just set it off perfectly!

  7. Love the shells you added to the first shade, and the second one is soooo creamy and pretty!

  8. OMG that aqua is completely dreamy. I LOVE the seashells.

  9. Oh, these are gorgeous. That aqua color is so stunning and I love the shimmer in it. Besides the polishes, I was just kind of staring at your wonderful nails... omg, I have to admit, I am a little bit jealous right now. Your shape and cuticles look perfect!

  10. That Portuguese Breakfast (what a weird name for that polish!) makes my knees weak! It is gorgeous! And then, the other... so lush and rich looking. Ack, they are both wonderful!

  11. Mmm that shimmery blue...just gorgeous!! And your nail shape is just perfect! :)

  12. I love love love Portuguese Breakfast, such a nice color ! And I love the tiny seashells too, it's so cute and it looks nice !

  13. Thank you so much, honey - I didn't want to take it off ;)

  14. Aww, thanks, Emily!! :D

  15. I agree with you - still don't understand the name but it sure is gorgeous! :)
    Thank you for stopping by, honey *

  16. You are the best, my dear! thank you times a million! :D luv ya!

  17. Thank you so much! Anything with seashells is perfect, right? ;)

  18. Thank you, sweetie - I did love both of them and their formula sure is creamy, so perfection! :D

  19. Thank you so much, John, I'm so glad you liked the combo! :))

  20. Aww, thanks ma dear - you're the kindest <3


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