Monday, April 27, 2015

CF Beauty Cosmetics - Swatch & Review (Part 2)

 I do know this one comes in quite late (it was promised to go up on Saturday) but I had a crazy busy weekend - details to be revealed soon! :)

Without any further delay, let's show you the other two shades in the 2015 Spring/Summer collection by  CF Beauty Cosmetics - if you haven't seen Part 1 of this post click HERE to see it now.

CF Cosmetics By The Sea

Behold the beauty that is CF Beauty Cosmetics By The Sea.
It's a nice blue shade and even better it won't stain your nails (I guess the nitrocellulose compost on their formula does work).

blue nails

Application was brilliantly smooth and there was no flooding to the good ol' cuticles.
Here you see two very thin coats and the shine you see on this beauty is all its own - no topcoat was applied. 

elegant blue nails

Again, this is quite an elegant shade - very much like Stop Whining and I couldn't resist a pretty look with this beauty:

stamping floral nails

I did a thin French tip with CF Beauty Cosmetics Portuguese Breakfast (you've seen it HERE), which just proves how opaque its formula is.
The stamping was done using the BP-L008 stamping plate by Born Pretty Store and the polish you're about to see:

CF Cosmetics Sweet Dreams

Here's CF Beauty Cosmetics Sweet Dreams, a cute pink polish, the kind that sweets dreams are made of: the name fits like a glove.

on wednesdays we wear pink

This one's a soft bubblegum pink, that goes smoothly opaque in two thin coats.

pink nails

The drying time was 3/4 minutes and although it doesn't dry as glossy as the others, it's still pretty shiny without any topcoat on.

pink polka dot nails

Of course, to match the polish's cuteness, I had to go with some purrty nail art to go with it.
I went for polka dots using By The Sea and an adorable 3D pink bow with blue accents.

What did you think of these - what's your favourite? And which nail art would you love to get on your nails right now?
Let me know!

Hugs & Kissies,
Mina *

You can purchase the new CF Beauty Cosmetics Spring/Summer 2015 from their official website (PT).

Connect with CF Beauty Cosmetics: Official Site – Facebook – Twitter – Instagram


  1. Both are nice and the nail art you created for both are lovely.

  2. My favorite is By The Sea ! But they both look great ! Right now, my nails are craving for bright colors and stamping :D

  3. Okay, absolutely love the nail art you did (especially the one with Cosmetics by the Sea!)! You make both of these look great and I love that the pink is opaque in 2 coats! That can be hard to come by with pinks.

  4. That blue is gorgeous! And I love the nail art you did with it! Gorgeous swatches!

  5. Stunning blue! But first thing I noticed was the flawless polishing <3

  6. Stunning blue and an awesome pink!

  7. I love Sweet Dreams and your polka dots are perfect! I always struggle with dots for some reason

  8. Those polka dots look amazing, they are so nice and even!

  9. Thank you so, so much! I do them slowly to make sure I don't mess up, so it's appreciated, hun! :D

  10. As do I, I always have to go slow haha ;)
    Thank you, sweetie *

  11. Thanks, John! You're always so kind! **

  12. Thank you, honey! The formula is lovely and creamy so application was a breeze :D

  13. Thank you so, so much, Emily - I'm glad you liked it all ;)

  14. Thank you so much, luv!
    And you're right! Pinks specially this shade are either too streaky or too liquid-y.
    This beauty was perfection :)

  15. I totally feel your vibe, hun ;)
    I try not to do too much stamping or else my freehand goes bonkers, but it's so addictive, isn't it? ;)

  16. Lisa, as always, thank you so much, you're a darling <3

  17. These are both lovely shades! They work wonderfully together in your art look too! I love the subtlety of that stamped design!


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