Wednesday, February 25, 2015

P2 Color Victim 999 Aloha Dreams - Swatch and Review

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The swatch I bring you today is a very conscious attempt of my brain to control the weather :)

We've been having cloudy days lately, not really rainy but almost there, and, let's face it, by now we're pretty much done with Winter and are ferociously craving Spring.

Hence my little happy dance when I discovered this unused beauty:

P2 Color Victim 999 Aloha Dreams - Swatch and Review

Behold P2 Color Victim 999 Aloha Dreams.
Oh the brightness! Blessed be such a happy, vibrant polish! :)

P2 Color Victim 999 Aloha Dreams - Swatch and Review

I really love P2 - the formula to this polish is as beautiful and lovely as the colour itself.
You're seeing two coats applied, even though one coat would be enough for someone with shorter nails.
I used no topcoat during the making of this swatch and the shine is quite impressive nonetheless.
It wasn't really fast drying but it didn't take ages to dry, so nothing a good topcoat won't make easier.

P2 Color Victim 999 Aloha Dreams - Swatch and Review

My sweet friend Paulina (aka Paulina's Passions) sent me this goodie a while back, but Winter got my cravings turned some other way.
This was the perfect time to bring it out the drawers and share with you :)

Is anyone else craving Spring as badly as I am?
And how do you love this fresh-grass, vibrant green? Let me know down below, lovelies, and come back later for a nail art look with this beauty :)

Hugs & Kissies,
Mina *


  1. What a fun green that is!

  2. You bet, Lisa - loved wearing it on my nails :)

  3. What a lovely bright green. St Patrick's Day is coming!

  4. Indeed, John ;)
    Thank you for stopping by!


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