Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Spring Flowers - Advanced Stamping

If you've seen the last swatch I posted (click here if you haven't), you know nothing matched that bright green better than some...

Spring Floral nails

Oh, aren't these perfect?

p2 color victim 999 aloha dreams

P2 Color Victim 999 Aloha Dreams was the perfect canvas for these cuties.
After it dried, I used the BP-24 stamping plate and went for the more cartoon-y flowers there.
(It's item #17203 from Born Pretty Store and with the code SGBQ10 you get a 10% discount :))

Spring Flowers Advanced Stamping

Of course I had to do some advanced stamping again and I love the multicolour petals!
I added some freehand leaves in acrylic paint and rocked these in challenge to today's cloudy weather.

How do you like them? I know pastel is the usual trend for Spring but you know me: bright colours all the way :)

Hugs & Kissies,
Mina *


  1. Pretty flowers against that bright green!

  2. Gorgeously bright! I love that crazy beautiful bright green as the base! Nice work!

  3. Woah that green is ridiculously bright! I have that plate too, BPS plates are awesome :)

  4. Helloooooo brightness! The flowers came out perfect ♥.

  5. Love me some bright colours, true ;) Thank you, sweetie *

  6. I know, right? :)
    Agree on the BPS plates, but then again have never tried any other - just getting started on the whole stamping adventure ;)

  7. Thank you so much, lovely - crazy beautiful bright colours are right down my alley :))

  8. Thank you so much, Lisa :) These were impossible to ignore ;)


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