Wednesday, January 07, 2015

31DC2015 Day 7 - Pink and Aqua - Stamping Nails

I will tell you the truth about today's nails - I do have them, I did make them, I just don't like them all that much.

I went for stamping and for some reason, it didn't pan out beautifully.
Nonetheless, challenges are like that sometimes, so here's my not-so-awesome pink and aqua nails for today:

pink and aqua stamping nails

I did these using Qgirl-018 stamping plate from Born Pretty Store, which you can get here - item #16463.

pink and aqua stamping nails

Working with the plate was a bit iffy, specially because the design I was going for was the chevron/tribal type one on the plate and not these squiggles.
Plus, I cut myself on the edges of the plate, which is basically Karma getting back at me for saying I couldn't understand how people could complain about edges - karma!

pink and aqua stamping nails

Overall, the other designs do stamp beautifully and tranfer without a problem, extremelly clear and all, just not the tribal/chevron one.
I did the stamping over two coats of Inocos Pico, using Bellaoggi Gel Effect Fiesta (my pink) and China Glaze Too Yacht To Handle (my aqua).

If you're going for a chevron/tribal type of design, I don't advise you to try this one (unless I was really unlucky and had a really bad plate).
However, Born Pretty Store does have a ton of other nail art awesomeness you can get with a 10% discount, using code SGBQ10.

I will be seeing you tomorrow once more, for the 8th day of this challenge.

Hugs & Kissies,
Mina *


  1. This totally reminds me of the 80s, in the best possible way. :)

  2. I think these nails are really cool! The colors and designs are really fun!

  3. I love these nails! They are so pretty :)


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