Monday, March 17, 2014

After A Busy Weekend

... comes hectic Monday!
BUT us gorgeous ones, sporting les cool nails, just don't care! 
Can't touch me! (ta-nan-nan-na!) :)

Today's nails are slighty, just a tad, weird. But a good weird. 
I'm using some cool nail accessories I have never really seen anywhere (so if you have, give me a shout) and I'm already having a super duper awesome nail art idea for another mani using them.

But of course you don't know what I'm on about, so before I get into crazy conversations with myself, let me show you what it's all about:

This!!! I don't know what it's named, so I'm gonna call it «shattered pieces of awesomeness» 
And because enough teasing is enough...'s the full look!
Do you see what I meant with 'weird, but good weird' ? ;) 

It all started with this piece of fabulous!
You know, I do complain about my life sometimes - how I can't get my hands on all the glitter goodness out there and such - but then polishes like this Golden Rose Jolly Jewels No.122 shoo all that grumpiness away ;)

You know you want an up-close view, you know you do ;)
You've got silver hex glitter (big and small) over a coat of shimmery golden preciousness! 
This is two coats! How dreamy is it?!

I then proceeded with some gold and turquoise flowers over white on the tips of my nails and finished it all with some shattered pieces of awesomeness :))

What do you think of all this? Off to a good week with such a nice start, hey? ;)
I'll show you tomorrow what I've worn on my Cinderella Hand (together with a surprise, so make sure you come back for tomorrow's post :)).

Hugs & Kissies,
Mina *


  1. Oh, you already know how much I love these, but I am gonna say it again, pure awesomeness! Love the lovely flowers at the bottom of your nails :) It looks like they are spreading the stone shreds into the sky.

    1. Thank you so much, sweetie! What a great visual idea that one of flowers spreading shreds into the sky - loved it!! *.*

  2. That's amazing! I love your ideas Mina;)

  3. Just awsome, Mina! The shattered pieces and the glitter polish and of course everything together with the flowers :-)
    I can imagine some nice Mosaic patterns with the green pieces ^^

  4. This is great! Love all the glitters and sparkle :)

  5. I call the Golden Rose Jolly Jewels No.122, the mother of all glitter polishes, I absolutely love it and you managed to combine it very well and made an eye-catching manicure.

  6. That's a pretty amazing nail art, I like it a lot! Good job :-)

  7. Nicely done!

    The shards are made from the iridescent lining of sea shells and have been dyed.

  8. Nice :)
    At first I thought you were wearing essie's on a silver platter in your middle and ring finger when it's actually the golden rose. Might be a good alternative, what'd you say? :)


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