Saturday, November 22, 2014

WNAC November 2014: (Scaled) Gradient

This post is one day late! ARghhhh! Excuse for the late post, lovelies.

It should have been up last night, but then I had friends over for dinner and then we went Karaoking and then... control escaped my hands.

This one is for WNAC November, created by @missbellatracey , @simplynailogical and @kgrdnr .

Diagonal Scaled Gradient nails with square gold studs

The original theme was Gradient but being @simplynailogical the Queen of Scaled Gradients, she decided she'd highjack today's theme and I thought I'd be a nice partner in crime and do it, too, 'cause scaled gradients rock ;)

Can I just point out how in love I am with this look?
The diagonal scaled gradient I went for came out awesome and it reminds me of sky lights.
And the studs row, yes please, gimme more o' that!! :))

Diagonal Scaled Gradient nails with square gold studs

I used Leticia Well Metallic Matte No.14 and No.19 (check out swatches here) and I love the colour combo they make, which goes even more perfectly with the square gold studs - yep, I do love this one :)

How about you? Is it worth all my raving about? ;)
Let me know down in the comments below and have yourselves a fabulous Saturday, luvs <3

Hugs & Kissies,
Mina *


  1. Those polishes are very nice!

  2. Thank you, sweetie - they do look stunning, specially when with a shiny topcoat (they're naturally matte) ;)

  3. Thank you so much, Lisa - you're always so sweet :)


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