Thursday, November 06, 2014

A2Z - B is for Bold

Today's nail art is quite self-explanatory:

bold nail art

The theme to today's A2Z challenge was «BOLD» and this design has so many different meanings!

bold nail art

From being bold in life and taking chances, not settling for something less when you're capable of so much more, to wearing bold nail art.
Although frankly, nail art is per se bold - just the idea that women (and men) use nails as canvas for their artistic expression is something bold!
And being bold also includes wearing a bold shade on your nails.

Purple Professional Kiss - Wonderland Collection

I've chosen Purple Professional Kiss (from their Wonderland collection), which I received from the company this week and was itching to try on. It's a gorgeous purple/fuchsia colour and it dries kind of matte - I didn't add a topcoat, so you could see its true finish -  it almost reminds me of neons.
I just thought the formula was a little too runny/liquidy; you won't get away with just one coat with this one.
But who cares really, when the colour payoff is this level of gorgeousness, right? ;)

bold nail art

I've completed the look by freehanding some lettering with the motto «Be Bold» in different colours, 'cause you know me - colours are my thing ;)

I hope you've enjoyed today's simple look and make sure you check all the awesome ladies taking part in this challenge (go here).

I'll talk to you tomorrow!

Hugs & Kissies,

Mina *


  1. Love the purple base. The be bold letters are cute too.

  2. The purple base colour is amazing :)

  3. Completely agree. The purple base is gorgeous x


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