Friday, April 11, 2014

The Swatch Game Week: Inocos Pequeno Pónei

I am soooo excited to show you these. Inocos is one of my favourite Portuguese brands of nail polish. 

They deliver awesome quality product at a very affordable price and they're always coming up with new collections, the prettiest and funkiest shades and actually keep up to date with the new trends.

I've got some colours from you from their newly released Pequeno Pónei colection (in English Little Poney). It's filled with lovely pastel and bright cremes, perfect for Spring awesomeness.
Actually, I loved all the four polishes I got so much, I might have to go back and get the rest of the collection ;)

That being said, let's get this show started:

This is Inocos Morango.
(in English, Strawberry)

This one's not quite red, but neither is it pink nor coral.
I think the fact that it's almost a jelly polish makes it hard to tell the exact shade.
All I know is that it's gorgeous!!

And for a jelly kind of finish, this baby has some great coverage, I tell you.
The first coat is already quite opaque. I decided to go for a second one, just because I could still see the tips of my nails.

Also, this one dried in about 10min - and I mean dried enough for me to apply cuticle butter to my nails without any dragging showing: that's how I test the drying time anyway ;)
So, although I always think these shades look funky with my sking tone (coral red shades never suit me), I couldn't help fall in love with it, for all its great qualities :)

Next one up is Inocos Lima.
(in English, Lime)

Now, here's another one hard to describe, so I'm glad you've got the photos to see it.
It's not neon, I know it's not, but isn't it just the awesomest bright creme you've ever seen?

The colour to this one couldn't be any more amazing.
And, again, not only you get great colour payoff, you also get some amazing coverage in only two coats. Ahhh, perfection!

The drying time was exactly the same as the previous one - around 10min.
I'm so excited about this colour - it's perfect for Spring, because it's just bright enough without being neon, know what I mean? :)

Next in line, is Inocos Rosa.
(in English, Rose)

And I've got to say this had got to be the most fantastic pink I've tried in some time.
Yep, I can't shut up about how much I am in love with this collection :)) 

Look at it: it's not bright, it's not shimmery, it's not neon, it's just... a very natural, rose like, pink, like the name says :) 
This is one looks very good in one coat only, but I'd go for the second one, to get that perfect, flawless end result.

And you know what I'm gonna say now: 10min drying time - cuticle butter proof ;)
Loving the girlish, innocent mood this one puts me in ^.^

Last but not least, Inocos Céu.
(in English, Sky)

Now you might be asking what happened to my skin in the swatch photos to this one.
And I'll tell you: don't mind my skin - this is all about the polish.
I had to forget about my skin to show you the true colour to this blue polish.

In photos it was coming out this really bright, Summer like, blue sky, but what you get in real life, is this soft, appeasing blue, with a slight hint of turquoise. 
Beautiful application - two coats will give you a perfect, opaque coverage, to die for.

Drying time - 10min all the same.
All in all a beautiful blue shade and one quite different from any I own - in total utter love! :))

And this concludes what polishes I got from this collection, although I should probably totally go get the other colours, too. I mean, of course, right? ;)

Make sure you tell me which is your favourite and if you, too, find photos a complete bore sometimes, when they are not colour accurate at all.

I hope you enjoyed these and stay tuned  for another post today, later this evening- yay!
Do you know which ones' swatches are missing? :)

Hugs & Kissies,
Mina *


  1. All of them are fantastic, now I really can not choose just one favorite, because I like them all!

    1. I completely understand you, sweetie - just gotta love them all, I guess ;)

  2. The first one 'strawberry' has to be my favourite it looks sooo pretty! All of them are stunning though :D xx

    1. I agree, Emily! It's so yummi and cute! :) Thank you for stopping by, darling *

  3. What pretty bright cremes! Loving the first and last colors a lot.

    1. They sure are lovely - happy you liked them, too Lisa :D

  4. Oo that green one is just stunning!

    1. Yessss! One of my favourites as well! :))

  5. Gahhh! I Want Them All !!! You must go get the rest of them! I would truly love to have each of these polishes in my stash. Each is so distinct and lovely. Aaargh! And so NOT available anywhere in the States! Look forward to seeing the others.

    1. hhehehe! I did end up getting the other two from the collection - will show them soon, I hope :)
      Awww, just think of all the lovely brands you can easily get in the States (that I can't muhahaha) ;)


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