Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Swatch Game Week: Essence Effect Nail Polish

First of all, I'm so sorry for the lack of post last night, but dear old me had a dentist's appointment in the afternoon and the last thing I felt like doing was edit photos and write a post.

Plus I was grumpy 'cause it was 10p.m. and I still couldn't feel th eleft side of my mouth and I was so darn hungry!!!

Anyway, all bad things have something good about them - tomorrow you shall be rewarded with two blog posts: a morning one and an evening one! Yay!! :))

Let's get started with Essence Effect Nail Polishes then:

This is Essence Glitz & Glam, from Glitter Jewels collection.

I'd recommend you use it over an opaque polishm be it white or pink, as this is a topper and not a full opaque nail polish.

I applied a light pink and then added two coats of Glitz & Glam, which dried medium fast.
You get a good amount of glitter particles in two fine coats - no need to struggle.

However, I got slightly disappointed in this one, because you hardly get to see that mermaid green shimmer you get in the bottle :(
It's still a lovely polish and for the amount of glitter your get, I'd say it's quite discreet and elegant nonetheless ;)

This is Essence Laser Show, from the Polka Dots collection.

Also with this one I had to use a base grey colour - this one is also very sheer and no matter how many coats you apply, you always get to see your nail underneath.

I also applied two coats over the base grey polish and the drying time was medium fast.
You have to work your way with the black glitter, though, because it tends to group all together in the same place.

I loved this one a lot more, as I could actually see the green shimmer in the bottle AND on my nails.
I'm just not too sure I like the whole effect of the dots and the shimmery/glittery polish.
I'll have to think about it ;)

And lastly, my favourite: Essence Heart Explosion, from the Sparkling Sugar collection.

Literally, Heart Explosion!
Say what you will but nothing beats a beautiful red polish!
And this baby is no topper, so two coats of it and you're done! *.*

I love that the gold glitter is there, but discreet. This baby is such a gorgeous polish! 
Two easy coats and really fast drying time!

And because this one was the first polish I swatched, I actually felt fancy enough to try new hand poses, which is why you get some new angles in this post ;)
Not perfect yet, though - gotta work more on it ;)

And just because I couldn't resist - oh yeah! Shiny version!
Somebody hold me! I went crazy over it!
I'm actually wearing it on my right hand nails - just couldn't resist it ;)

And that's it, luvs. I hope you enjoyed this one. Don't forget to tell me your favourite.
And stop by tomorrow for a double post - yay! ;)

Hugs & Kissies,
Mina *


  1. Wow so pretty, great swatches! Glad you are feeling better today!

    1. Aww, thank you, dear. I'm doing better and am glad you enjoyed these - great compliment coming from someone who always has gorgeous swatches ;)

  2. The shiny version of the ruby one is superb!

    1. I knowwww!! Glad you agree, sweetie *
      You just can't take your eyes from it! ;)

  3. The pink one is gorgeous!

    1. True and so discreet for such a heavy glitter polish! Happy you liked it, honey :)


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