Friday, April 11, 2014

The Swatch Game Week: Claire's Dizzy

Tonight I bring you swatches of one of Claire's much awaited topcoaters, which I decided to apply over different shades, to give you an idea of the multiple combinations it gives you.

Mind you this topcoater will need your patient, seeing you have try and distribute the glitter evenly. You don't have to fish for it but you need to mind that the glitter doesn't cluster on your nail - which it has a tendency to do.

All swatches show two coats (as thin as possible) of the topcoater over two coats of another polish.
Let's start the beauty parade then:

Ladies, this is Claire's Dizzy to you.

I had to apply it over my most recent favourite blue polish Inocos Céu

And I couldn't have loved it more. They are a match made in heaven.
Cute, cute and cute! :)

 I then applied it over a bright, egg yolk yellow polish: Bellaoggi Sunshine Yellow.

 I didn't want to use a neon yellow as the yellow glitter particles in this polish are already kind of neon-ish.
But still the glitter is a bit subdued in this colour combo.

 Nonetheless, I think they make a cute couple and I can't help but think of Easter eggs with this one :)

Of course I also had to see it paired with a darker colour and no other was more up to the task than black ;)

This is Purple Professional No.18, which you already know is my favourite black polish in the whole world ;)

I think this one looks just as awesome as the other colour combos, don't you? ;)

So, I'd paired it with a cute pastel polish, a bright summery one and a dark shade.
Of course we were missing a delicate, nude-ish shade ;)

This one is Bellaoggi Pearl Rose and it couldn't be a cuter match to this colourful topcoater! :))

I can't choose my favourite colour combo!!
I just love them all!

How about you? Any favourite colour? What colour would you pair this topcoater with?
Let me know with your comment and make sure you stop by during the weekend to see the other two topcoaters ;)

 Have a lovely Friday night, ladies :)

Hugs & Kissies,
Mina *


  1. *_*
    Gorgeous. First time I saw this I fell in love with it, but its over my budget in the moment. *sigh*
    At least I can see it now "at work" :-P

    Which colour I would like to see it on? Hmmm. Inky purple! Spicy orange! Foil silver! Want more ideas? ;-)
    Thanks for showing.
    Anyway, have you seen my recent water spotted mani?

    1. Thank you so much, sweet Moni! I hope you can get these eventually ;)
      I checked your spotted mani and LOVED the colours! Great job, hun! :)

    2. Thanks a lot, Mina! It means a lot to me, when you say that:-)))))

      Colours are like vitamins for the soul. To me the colour combos are almost more important than one colouron it's own...

      I have recently spied them again on a Claire's shelf... maybe one day... its just that bit over my budget... but I still see chances for me, since it's not an LE ... one problem is then, the splatter ones and these other I-don't-remember-their-names ones start cheekily grinning at me... and then I can't decide again. *problem*

      But I have one neon orange of the "old" splatter manis... that's soo gorgeous ... and I got it in the sale for 1 euro ...
      I always see Claire's sales as a kind of a raffle.. let's see if I get one and if I like it :o) and you only have to pay when you win ^^

      Happy Easter!

  2. Comprei esse verniz este fim de semana e estou ansiosa para o usar :D
    adorei os combos que mostraste :)
    Beijinho grande****

    1. Vou adorar vê-lo ;) Acho que vais adorar
      beijinhos *

  3. What a fun amazing neon glitter! I want to go to Claire's now to see if they have this here :D

  4. I like it best over the black!

    1. It does look awesome! Thank you for stopping by, Emiline! :D

  5. This is simple but soo beautiful! I like it over yellow and dark polishes the most!:)

    1. Simple is sometimes the best, right Ela? ;))

  6. All look gorgeous, especially the black one :)

    1. I agree the black one is quite eye-catching indeed ;) Thank you for stopping by, hun! *

  7. I wish I could get Claire's toppers here! I love this one over the black. It sings!

    1. Awww, thanks, LaraLeaf! I hope you can either find them or find some similar ;)

  8. Omg. The glitter is so nice!
    Annnd your photos? Are amazing!
    Can you please check on my blog and tell me what you think?

    1. Awww, thank you sweetie for such an awesome comment!! ;)
      I loved your tutti-frutti watermarble mani!! Sooo colourful and vibrant! :D

  9. I love how you show glitter toppers over different colours!

    1. Thank you! It's a lot of work but I couldn't resist doing it - it's such a gorgeous glitter topper I just had to share ;)


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