Thursday, February 27, 2014

Happy and Bright Azulejos

If you've ever visited Portugal you'll know that hand painted tiles are everywhere. We call them Azulejo and they're part of our cultural-artistic heritage.

So today, having decided I wanted something simple for my manicure, I chose to give my nails that hand painted, slightly faded look you can see on tiles everywhere around Lisbon: from buildings to metro stations, houses, museums...

Here's the end result:

I love the colours in this one - they're fun and bright, which helped me througho today: we had another rainy one...

I started with one coat of white polish - Inocos Pipoca Em Viagem.

I then picked up my acrylic paints and started mixing them with water to give them that hand painted Azulejo feeling.
I applied the colours in thin horizontal stripes.

And finished with some outlining, using Flormar Nail Art NA01.
Although some of them look too rectangular, others have just that perfect Azulejo square shape :)

I was pretty happy with these and considering I had more paper tissues on top of my working desk instead of paint for my nails, I think I won this one: 
The Flu - 0 / Mina - 1 

Let me know if you think the same and have a lovely evening - I'm going to get cosy with some hot tea and honey and concentrate on getting better ;)

Hugs & Kissies,
Mina *


  1. I love how colorful these are! :)

    1. Happy you do, Lisa! Thank you, darling *

  2. Hi Mina!!!
    Colourful tiles... this manicure gives that impression!!!
    I didn't know it's possible to mix acrylics with water... you're surprising me a lot everytime I read you :)
    Have a wonderful day and xoxo

    1. Thank you so much for your sweet comment, Valentina *
      Happy to help, darling! Now you know ;)

  3. Beautiful! Hope to see it in Portugal one day too:)

    1. Hope so, too!! And when you do, we gotta arrange a lil' nail art session, don't you think? ;)

  4. I love this mani! Love the bright colors and the clean look so much!

    1. Yay! Happy you do, Lisa - thank you, dear *


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