Monday, March 03, 2014

Mina's Simple Manis - The Carnival Spirit

I'm not much into a festive mood for this Carnival, although I think it's fair to assume my nails are - you'll understand why in a second ;)

I'm sorry I've been absent for some days but now and again I need a time out for some perspective ;)
When I start worrying too much about the level of awesomeness in a manicure, I just know it's time to retreat for a while, chill out and gather some perspective on this whole blogging thing :)

It's addictive you know, wanting to come up with inventive and unique designs. And I, sometimes, get too much into that spirit and forget it's supposed to be fun - does this happen to you, too?

Anyway, this weekend I saw a lot of beautiful designs but one got stuck on me for how simple and yet gorgeous it was. And that is one by Kirakiranail (I just love her video tutorials so much!).

This one right here inspired me to do this manicure, very into the whole Carnival spirit:

And to give you an idea of just how much it is so, look at all the polishes I wore ;)
You're already guessing a pretty rainbowy look, right?

And right you are! Check these out!! :)

I loved how simple Kirakiranail's dotticure was and I had to recreate it using happy colours.

I started with a white base colour - Inocos Pipoca Em Viagem -to make the colours pop even more.
And using a dotting tool and four different shades of the same colour, I started filling in my nails :)

After that was done, isntead of using studs and stars, like Kirakiranail did, I chose some rhinestones in the same colour as the dots and applied them.
Which version is your favourite?

I might not be much into Carnival this year, but you know I'm always into colour!
And being this one such an easy, fun design of course I had to put that one into the Mina's Simple Manis archives ;)

Hope you liked it - make sure you check Kirakiranail Youtube channel - she's got awesome, elegant designs, her nails are just beautiful and she's always so sweet! *.*

Have a great evening, lovelies!

Hugs & Kissies,
Mina *


  1. You've reached the highest level of awesomeness!:) it's so bright, happy and amazing!
    Can I at least try to recreate this?:)

    1. Heehehe - thank you so much, Ela! :D
      Do try them! Have fun, girl!! *

  2. So colorful and bright! Makes me happy just looking at it :)

    1. Yay! That's a win-win, then, Lisa :)
      Thank you, sweetie *

  3. Love your colors! This is such a cheerful mani.

    1. It's just what I wanted to pass on! Glad you like it, LaraLeaf!! :D

  4. Blogging can get a bit one-upmanship-y - either with your peers or with yourself.
    It's good to hear there are others with those thoughts.

    That said, I love this mani - CARNIVAL :D !

    1. Ana, glad someone out there understands me about this ;)
      I do like to outdo myself but sometimes it just gets too exhausting and overpowering, isn't it?
      That said, thank you for your sweet comment - I know you're always around and I love it when you leave me a lil' something for me to read :D <3


You just made this girl smile! Thank you for your comment and for sharing your thoughts with me! :)

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