Friday, January 24, 2014

Life Is Like A Box Of Chocolates!

Forrest Gump is probably one of my favourite movies - it's moving, heartwarming and has got some great acting.

It was on TV the other day and it reminded me of a great idea for a Valentine's manicure - a box of chocolates ;)

This one, should you choose to attempt it, will take you a while to complete but it's simple really, trust me:

First off, choose a base colour of your preference - I didn't want a harsh shade of white, rather a more metallic, 'fancy' one.
So, I went for Bellaoggi Pearl White for an exquisite background. 

Then take any fuchsia/pink striper you own, for the bow - I picked Golden Rose Nail Art No.122 - and tried to align the bow strap on all nails.
Start with two horizontal lines and then fill the space in between (you can use a dotting tool for the filling, instead of the striper brush ;)) 

While you leave that to dry, gather a bunch of polish shades for the chocolate hearts wrapping - I selected lilac, blue, orange, yellow and green. 
With your tinny dotting tool, proceeded to make the hearts - you don't need any fancy brushes, see? - but remember to leave your middle finger free.

That's where we want our bow to be.
This was my first time doing such a bow, so be kind. Although there's still some perfecting to be done, I think it turned out cute nonetheless :)
Once that's done, allow some drying time - you can add shiny bits to the side of each heart, using white polish and an orange stick.

Last but not least, it's outline time - I used acrylic paint here, 'cause I find it gives me more control over how thin/thick I can make the lines, but you can use any black polish, if you feel comfortable enough.
Do the bow and strap on all nails and you can do some hearts, too, same as me, or all of them - it's up to you, really ;)
Now to finish it all, just add a soft pink (or any other colour) rhinestone in the middle of the bow and you're done!

Now be honest: does this remind you of a box of chocolate whatsoever?
(Btw, that's my first EVER freehanded 3D bow! yay! :D)

Let me know down below in the comment section and make sure you have a super duper Friday evening ;)
We had sun today, so yay! Let's hope it stays for tomorrow as well - I've got some swatches I want to get done and show you, lovelies :D

Hugs & Kissies,
Mina *


  1. These turned out so cute and fun! Love the idea ;)

    1. Yay! Thank you so much, Lisa - happy that you do **

  2. Oh, it's so beautiful! The bow is perfect and all these cute hearts required so much patience from you. The colors you chose are so pretty and cheerful and yes, it does remind me of a box of chocolate and a very pretty one :) Great job sweetie!

    1. Awww, your comments always warm my heart - really glad you liked it and think they look like chocolates ;)


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