Monday, January 27, 2014

The Swatch Game - Kiko Sugar Mat Nail Lacquer Set (Limited Edition)

So.... I've finally managed to swatch these babies! 
I posted a photo of them on Instagram four weeks ago - and here's me thinking it was only two weeks!!!

Anyway, I was waiting for some sunny weather to help me make them shine, but then on the one weekend we had some of that, BF and I went for some cycling adventure and my plans got busted.

This weekend I decided I was gonna swatch them and that was that! 
No matter that we had friends over for the weekend. 
No matter that I had to split the swatching game in half throughout the weekend. 
No matter that my nails got torn up and twisted and sick from all the cleaning and dish washing.

Yes, I broke a nail, no I didn't die... much ;)

Anyway, because I'm gonna let you enjoy the photos - that's what polishes were made for: being appreciated like true divas - without talking much, I just wanna say these are all texturized polishes, even (and gorgeous) in two easy coats. The drying time is between 7 to 10min, which, in my book, is pretty awesome :D

Let's go to Swatching Catwalk, then:

Kiko Sugar Mat Apricot - No.451

I thought I'd love it more than I actually do - it just looks weird with my skin one, I guess :/

Kiko Sugar Mat Watermelon - No.452

Although I'm loving pink right now (I guess it's Valentine's Day fault) I wasn't too thrilled with this one, specially because they'd released one similar before (check here).

Kiko Sugar Mat Cherry Red - No.453

Now, here's when I started having fun - look at this gorgeous deep red! The name couldn't be more accurate!! <3

Kiko Sugar Mat Wine - No.454

And this one totally stole my heart and placed itself amongst my favourites from this collection - how pretty is it? (I'll show you tomorrow the mani I wore it with on Saturday - it was rather simple but still beautiful :))

Kiko Sugar Mat Light Taupe - No.455

This is one I think my photos aren't able to do it full justice - trust me, this is a knock-out polish in real life.
It's just the right amount of elegant and sparkly :)

Kiko Sugar Mat Teal Green - No.456

This is another one to which my camera lens wasn't too nice - it's beautiful to the human eye and it's got so many gorgeous variations depending on what light and where that light hits it

Kiko Sugar Mat Royal Blue - No.457

Another one that failed to impress me. It didn't particularly appeal to me, although I don't seem to be able to explain you why... It's just too plain, I guess and not really my type of blue shade, maybe?...

Kiko Sugar Mat Anthracite - No.458

Another one I was counting on loving and... well... didn't, really.
It's not that it's not beautiful but it just remind me too much of tar roads - not what I want to rock on my nails, sorry to say ;(

Overall, I'd say these were a good buy, even if I ended up really loving only half of the collection.
It bummed me they only sold it in a set - I guess they knew already some shades would never be winners and weren't willing to loose money on them, hence the 'Limited Edition Set'.

Still, I think the gorgeous shades I loved were worth the buy and I'm happy gal I got them in time - I think they're no longer available.

Now, it's your turn - let me know which you find the prettiest ones in the comment section AND let me know if you've figured out where, in the middle of swatching these, I broke a nail :)

Hugs & Kissies,
Mina *


  1. I think the cherry and the purple one look the most beautiful of them all! I also like the peachy one. It will be amazing for some summer designs. And honey, while scrolling through your lovely swatches, I forgot all about your broken nail and I haven't noticed anything. It's not that visible :)

    And now I'm crying, because I want to have more KIKO :(

    1. hehehe - I'll get you all the Kiko you want; just come on over for a visit ;)
      Thank you for your nice (as always) comment, hun - those two ones were my favourite, too! Let's see aboput the peachy colour when Summer comes - maybe I'll like it more then :)

  2. Nice textures! This is a fun set to have :)

  3. Catwalk is a real beauty!!!! My abs favorite from this collection :-)

    1. Catwalk? Maybe you mean Apricot? :)

  4. El esmalte 456 es precioso y el rosa tambien bss

  5. Love the first one the most! that's probably because I love pastels and textured polishes;)

    1. hehehe - let's see if I like it better when sunny days come around ;)


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