Thursday, January 23, 2014

I Was In Fo' Some Bling!

I didn't quiet know what I wanted on my nails, I just knew I wanted something sparkly sparkle!

I don't know what's been going on lately with my mind, but apparently I'm like a magpie now and I crave blingy nails ;)

So nevermind if today's manicure doesn't strike you as totally me, but I was in the mood for it - hope you like it, too!

I was in the mood for it!!
I wanted something like a fancy skittlete, I guess :)

That and I wanted to use some studs on my nails :D

I started it all by applying two coats of Bellaoggi Snow White on my ring and middle fingers.
My pinkie and thumb got covered in one coat of Inglot No.223, just for a golden base before the glitter ;)
And my index finger took two coats of Inocos Ser Alma.

I then took four pastel shades and did a watercolour 'centerpiece' over the white background.
It's a technique I still have to work on.
I used Miyo Gerbérias, Miyo Menta, Inocos Ranheta and Rimmel London Lemon Drop.

I then went about making my thumb and pinky as jewelry like as possible and I might have overdone it on my pinkie, which has a protuding side to it even.
I used three different gold polishes: Essence Make It Golden, Coral No.504 (Las Vegas collection) and a cheap brandless one with white hexagons.

I finished my watercolour nails with a layer of Serenna No.SE036 - a holographic multicoloured glitter topper and voilĂ ! :D

Hope you've liked this one as much as I have - I felt so fancy the whole day! 
Have a wonderful evening and if, like me, you're too tired, cheer up: it's Friday tomorrow ;)

Hugs & Kissies,
Mina *


  1. I love it! Its very fun :)

  2. glitter is amaaaaaaaazing! And whole mani of course is awesome as well:)

    1. I've been obssessing over glitter lately, E.
      I've actually been trying to control myself ;)


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