Monday, December 09, 2013

Turn Your Monday Into Party Time!

It's official - we all hate Mondays! 

They shatter our weekend dreams and throw us into a harsh pit of misery!

So, I went for it and decided to change the whole Monday Dread, by putting on a funky mani and feeling awesome while wearing it ;)

Check it out:

These nails are so snazzy! hehehe <3
You can make everything better with a little bit of sparkle! Consider that official! ;)

I started by painting my every other nail black and blue, using Purple Professional No.18 and Flormar Super Neon N002.

After that and still insisting upon making it freehand, I drew on some careless chevron lines for a draft feeling rather than a pompous, all straight one.

I completed the black nails with a middle line of silver sparkle, to which I then placed some diamond shaped also silver glitter.
Et voilá! No longer feeling the Monday Blues! ;)

What about you? Do you like or dread Mondays? And what's your trick to fight against boring Monday Blues? ;)

Write to me about it in the comment section below and I'll see you all tomorrow!

Hugs & Kissies,
Mina *


  1. You did well! I don't specially dislike Mondays but I believe every push is welcome to start the week ^^

    1. Indeed! I wouldn't have said it better myself ;)

  2. What a fun manicure to sport! Love it :)

    1. Glad it helped make your day a more fun one, Lisa :)

  3. I like this disco mani!! Turned out great!

    1. Disco mani is the perfect name for it :D heheh
      Thank you, Anastasia <3


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