Tuesday, December 03, 2013

The Swatch Game - Bellaoggi Christmas-y Polishes

So, it's finally December and Christmas season is officially open!!!!

And that means cute and cosy and fluffy Christmas nail designs!
This week will be dedicated to warm fuzzy sweaters with pretty patterns and I shall be doing those with the polishes I'm about to show you in today's Swatch Game ;)

Let's get started then!

Let's start with Bellaoggi Flora Green.
It reminds me of the Christma Tree so, so much! <3
And mistletoe, too! :D

This one had a metallic finish and will need a second coat - you won't get away with just one, trust me.
However the application is smooth and the second coat evens the sheer look of the first one, so don't worry.

Can you guess which sweater pattern I'll be trying with this one? ;)
Stay tuned this week!

Next in the list is Bellaoggi Happy Red.
Although this is quite more on the orange side than the red one, if you ask me.

I'm sad the photos don't let you see just how amazing this one is - these shades are sooo tricky to capture! :/
Either way, it's also a metallic like finish with this one - it's like a rusty shade, if you know what I mean.

Again, I'd advise you apply two coats with this one, just to even the brush strokes a bit - there are some to this baby ;)

Last but not least, Bellaoggi Plastic Violet.
And this one reminded me yet again why I love creme finishes soooo much!
How gorgeous is this!?!?

And the brightness about this shade! It's perfect - I applied two coats for maximum perfection: I figured a gorgeous polish such as this one deserved it ;)

The application runs smooth and the finished look is flawless.
Trust me, this is one you'll love to bits!! :D
AND... there's no topcoat in these photos, so can you imagine it with an even shinier boost?!
Oh-là-là! <3

So let me know what you think about this pretty polishes and be sure to tell me your favourite!
I'm off to bed now - this two job thing is killing me, I tell you - sorry for posting so late, lovelies ;)

Have a good one and talk to you tomorrow!

Oh wait!! I forgot! Guess who's on Instagram now? That's right!!! I  joined the pack - hehehe! 
If you've got an account, drop by for a visit at @cubbiful.
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Hug & Kissies,
Mina *


  1. Pretty colors and swatches!

    1. Happy you liked them, too, Lisa! <3

  2. Beautiful colours Mina ^^

  3. What cute nail polishes, especially the last one :)

    1. I know, right? I love Plastic Violet to bits! ;)


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