Sunday, December 22, 2013

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree!

It's almost Christmas and it seems I hadn't yet done a Christmas Tree nailart. Tsk, tsk!

So, as to compensate the balance of the universe for such a fail, I've got for you today not one, but two Christmas Tree nail designs - yey!! ;)

Let's get to it, then:

Here's Christmas Tree Nail Design No.1

I started by applying Leticia Well Metallic Matter No.15 on all nails but my ring finger.

I then applied Bellaoggi Snow White on my ring finger and did a gradient of pink, mint green and yellow on top of it with acrylic paints.
I then placed some stripping tape in a diagonal scheme, to make for the lights on the Christmas Tree.

Finally, I painted a coat of clear polish and applied some pine green flocking powder over it. 
Sooo fluffy! :) I actually enjoyed it more than the first time I tried it (see here - such a difference, btw! Can you see some improvement? ;))
And I scooped out a star from a glitter polish by Flormar, to close the deal.

And here's Christmas Tree Nail Design No.2

I kept the scheme as the above one, so you could have terms for comparison.
And this time I went with another dreaded technique for me: sugar spun.

After using the same white polish I made blobs of paint out of seven different green nail polishes.
I had to wait for ages before I could make the sugar spun magic - I even had time to fold some clothes pieces, so you see how long I waited ;)

I then tried to go for thin stripes of polish, but as you can see, I wasn't all that successful, was I now? :/
I completed the look with a golden star made in acrylic paint and some dots in the same colour.
I can't say this was any more successful than my first tries (here and here) but at least I tried ;)

Now that you've seen both, which is your favourite? I wanted to try these techniques again, seeing I'm not one to simply abandon something when it doesn't work out OK the first time.

But with such results, maybe I should, hey? ;)

Here's a snapshot of them both put together, so you can see which you'll elect your favourite ;)

Hope you're having a most fantastic Sunday, with your loved ones :)

Hugs & Kissies,
Mina *


  1. LOVE the flocking powder tree and the other one looks really yummy ;)

    1. hehehe - indeed it does! A bit like frosting! ;)

  2. Love them both! But sugar spun version's just awesooooome!:)

    1. I think I'll have to agree with you on that one, E.! ;)

  3. OMG! The sugar spun totally rocks :D I might even go ahead and try to recreate it if that's OK with you :)
    Love the flocking powder for making the tree looking like it has the needles. :) Great job on both sweetie :(

    1. Of course it's more than okay, sweetie! Just really happy you liked them both ;)

  4. I love both of them ^^ The fluffy one is so realistic that it may be the winner though! Merry Christmas, Mina! I hope you'll have a great one! :D

    1. It's the fluffly things that make it look like the pine tree's needles, right? ;) hehehe
      Hope you've had a fantastic merry Christmas, hun **

  5. I like both designs very much!! Well done!! They look very eye-catching!

    1. Sweet as always - thank you, Anastasia **

  6. omg! a arvore peluda! tá linda!!!

    1. hehehe - 'árvore peluda' - adorei ;)


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