Monday, December 23, 2013

Hang 'Em On Your Nails!

If you haven't yet put up your Christmas Tree (mostly because you have two jobs and three cats and getting home at midnight - or sometimes 1a.m. if customers decide to be undecisive - to find them all three tangled up in glittered bows, chasing balls from room to room like maniacs, is a bit too much to bear), don't you worry - your  nails have plenty of room for decoration! :D

Have you put your Christmas Tree up on your nails yet? ;) 
I did it yesterday (see here) and thought today was time for some decorations, so check these out:

Merry Christmas!
HO! HO! Ho!

I started these with two coats of Dermacélsia Eternal.
The candy cane stripes were made with Golden Rose Stripers No.117 (red) and No.130 (green).
I love that I  managed to make them so straight and am only sorry the red ones bled a little when I topcoated them :/

On my ring and middle fingers I proceeded with some freehanded Christmas balls, using acrylic paints in red and green.
Although they're not perfect, I still love how these turned out! 
I feel like I say this a lot - hahaha - but it's true! Perfection is a road you build yourself! *.*

Let me know what's on your nails and what Christmas preparations you're behind schedule (if you're like me) or which ones you've fully prepared already ;)

And have you too been listening to Christmas Songs or they're not your type at all?
I want your answers to all that and more in the comment section - and make sure you don't forget all about the love and tenderness this season is really about <3

Hugs & Kissies,
Mina *

ps. I''ve posted my right hand right after this one (here), so if you care to see it, stick around ;)


  1. cute mani :)

    Marry Christmas ;)

    1. Thank you, Joanna - Merry Christmas to you, too!! **

  2. I hope Christmas time will bring you time for relaxation and some Me-time :) These are gorgeous sweetie. I love the ornaments! You put so much details in them. Beautiful!

    1. Christmas time was fabulous and I know yours was too ;)
      Happy you liked my Christmas ornaments - gotta improvise hehehe

  3. Wonderful design! I like your balls very much!

    1. Thank you so, so much, Anastasia!! <3


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