Saturday, December 21, 2013

The Swatch Game - Leticia Well Metallic Matte Collection

I saw swatches to some of these pretty babies and was hooked from then on. 
No wonder I snatched up the entire collection, although I only did so because they were so inexpensive (I bought them for 1.50€ at Verniz de Luxo - to this day, my favourite nail polish shop in Lisbon! *.*)

So, I've had these polishes for a while now and I also managed to do the photoshoot last weekend - it took me two mornings (and even so, the lighting is not the best in some of them). 

Editing was what took me the longest to have spare time to do, so I only finished them last night (you may have seen a preview last night on my Instagram ;)).

Can I just put it out there just how much I admire those incredible bloggers who swatch entire collections and are able to make each shot look amazing?
I did my best with these but some of the photos aren't as good as I wished them to be, so... let's think of this as a learning process, shall we? :)

Without further ado, and because I've talked too much already, here are the swatches to Leticia Well Metallic Matte Collection:

No. 11
(yes, they've got no names, only numbers)

This was actually the last one to be swatched, hence the bluish corners and the different lighting.

I really loved the look of this one in the bottle but on my nails I gotta say it quickly became one of my least favourites.


This one is a gorgeous turquoise like one.

It looks almost like sheer perfection to me - love! :)


See how similar this one is to No.12?

Although this No.13 gorgeous on its own, I must say I prefer No.12 instead.
How about you?


My favourite one from the collection!!!
Can you spell «G O R G E O U S» for me? ;)

And the photos to this one came out really well, too  ;)


This one is the perfect Christmas Green polish!

Absolutely love it to bits! *.*
And for a while my heart balanced between this one and No.14, I must confess ;)


Peeeerfect soft baby pink <3

And I love how it makes my hands look all delicate and lady like ;)


Although this is a pretty shade, it doesn't speak up to my heart that much, I must say...

It's still a pretty shade, just not one of my favourites - maybe because of my skin tone?...
Don't know.


I'd say this was born from half Nos.16 and 17.
Really, the pink shades are so similar to each other!!

Again, a pretty colour but doesn't really make me jump up and down all joyfull.


Now, to this one I scream «YES!!!!»

Gorgeous vibrant shade!! <3


And this one is the last from the pack.
Pretty purple, hey?

Phew, we're done! ;)

I know you're probably tired after such a long post, but I don't want to leave without saying this: these are all one coaters. And that's a positive point going for them. 

The negative one however: they have a somewhat thick consistency, so either you're used to painting your nails in mostly one strokes or you're... screwed.

Or rather, I'd say, if caught unaware, your first time with these may be not so successful, but once you get the hang of it, you'll be alright :D

So, don't forget to tell me what your favourite is and if you have any tips on how I can improve my swatching game, let me know, too ;)

Meanwhile, have a great weekend, lovelies!
And I wish you a sunny 1st Day of Winter <3

Hugs & Kissies,
Mina *


  1. Wow what amazing colors! I love and want them all :D

    1. I sure understand you ;) That's why I brought all that were available ;)

  2. Love no 12! Beautiful shade of blue:) And the purple one:)

    1. No.12 is a cute little thing indeed and I'm with you on the purple, as well ;)


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