Monday, December 23, 2013

Double Posting: My Cinderella Hand and Born Pretty Store Water Decals

Christmas, Christmas, Christmas - you can't seem to run away from it, now that the countdown is at its peak! ;)

I've got my Cinderella Hand to show you today, because they've got the cutest Christmas theme on them right now:

I started this with Bellaoggi Snow White - two easy coats - and did a Saran Wrap on top of it with Essence Sparkle Sand Me & My Lover (No.156).
The cute water decals I applied on top of it are from Born Pretty Store
And these being the first water decals I've used, I gotta say they're sooooo easy to handle!! Perfect for a quick mani, with a twist of nail art cutesy! ;)

All you gotta do is cut around the design, soak the piece in some warm water while holding it with a pair of tweezers, drag the design along the paper piece to remove it and place it on your nails. Finish with topcoat and you're done! Just like that! :D

I could no longer find these in their water decals section, probably because they're sold out, but you've got a million others to choose from here. And you can always use the coupon code below for 10% discount (yey!):

I know this post comes a bit late, since if you like these, you won't be able to shop for them in time for Christmas Day, but... they turned out so cute, I couldn't keep from showing them to you!

Let me know what your thoughts are about this one and get in the merry mood if you haven't already with some happy nails!! :D

Hugs & Kissies,
Mina *


  1. I reviewed and have these same water nail decals! You did such a awesome manicure with them :)

    1. Thank you! I liked yours, too!! :D

  2. Such a cute idea! And your Cinderella hand looks beautiful <3 My nails never look good on my right hand lol!

    1. This was a good cuticle day - I probably hadn't washed any dishes till then hahah ;)

  3. Looks so cute! Just like the wrapping paper :))

    1. Yes!!! :D
      Now that you mention it, that's exactly it! hehehe


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