Saturday, December 28, 2013

Glitter & Rhinestones Can Make This Girl Happy

So, I'm the one with a quirky taste for manicures, who enjoys crazy colour combos and sometimes intricate nail art.

However, there are days when even I need a breather and that means a simple manicure is on  its way ;)

Last night that meant I had an urge of glitter and rhinestones on my nails - just that!
(Maybe because my Christmas mani was so simple - you know what a lot of cleaning and cooking can do to your nails, right? ;) - you can check it here.)

Let's have a look at this glittery sparkly mani, then:

And it's pink on top of it! hahaha
Could I have made this any more girly? I don't think so ;)

I started it all with one coat of Bellaoggi Pearl Rose.
I didn't like the sort of metallic effect it showed, though, 'cause I was looking for a simpler background. Glitter and rhinestones were on its way afterall ;)

I toned it down with one coat of Catrice Apropos Coco and the background pink melted into this soft creamy candy thing which I loved! :)
After that I applied some rhinestone stickers, to form a sparkly pattern - i had them in fuchsia, pink and silver.

And I finished it all with an accent nail on my ring finger, with the help of Catrice Kitch Me If You Can - love the name, b y the way! *.*

And voilĂ ! Happy Princess on her way to work now - excuse the weird lighting on the photos, but it's been raining and there's been hardly any sun at all :(

Hope you've had a most fantastic Christmas and I hope you've started preparing your merry celebrations for New Year's Eve! (Now, here's a good mani choice for that special evening, hey? ;))

Hugs & Kissies,
Mina *


  1. Love it! It's really cute and I love that pink base color after you add a matte top coat:)

    1. Yay!! Glad you liked it all, darling! **

  2. Love how pretty and girly it is!

    1. Me too - sometimes you just need a mani like this, right? ;)

  3. We love you for your "quirky taste for manicures" :D Love this! It's so girly :)

    1. hehehe - I'm glad you love both my quirky and princess like manis such as this one! :)
      Thank you, sweetie <3

  4. Oooh, I absolutely love this pink sparkly gorgeousness!! :D

    1. Yayyy!!! It's a double win, then! Happy you like them, sweetie **


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