Saturday, November 23, 2013

The Swatch Game - H&M Polishes

If you follow me on Facebook you know I went a little crazy on H&M and I don't mean clothes wise - check evidence photo here ;)

Paulina from Paulina's Passions told me their polishes were worth the deal - not too expensive and great coverage, so of course I had to confirm that by myelf ;)

First off and my favourite of them all is H&M Super Blue.
And it is super indeed - this is a two-coater but the shine you see here is all its own - no topcoat was used during this production ;)

My favourite part about it is the flawless finished look, which for a metallic polish is not little to say.
It almost has a kind of mirror effect to it - it's gorgeous!!!

Super Blue came in a twin box with H&M Glitter Blue here.
I put it on to check  how it looked and although I love the base colour so much I'll probably be wearing it on its own, I'd say this one is a good way to recycle your manicure ;)

Ladies, this is H&M Shanghai Nights. It's a gorgeous duochrome shade, as you can see in the polish bottle if not on my nails - gotta work on some photography skills still.

I tried a different angle to try and show you the duochrome effect but you can only capture it in little bits here and there.
Anyway, it's a beautiful shade and the application is quite effortless, too. You'd think two coats isn't enough, seeing that the first coat is quite sheer, but as you go for seconds the polish harmonizes quite nicely :D

And then tragey struck my pinkie nail - see here for gory details - and I actually had to finish my swatching fun, as I broke a nail - AGAIN!

This is H&M Green (how original) and is actually my least favourite of them all.
Can you believe this is a 3/4 coater?! Pffff! Ain' nobody got time for that! ;)
Can you see the tear at my pinkie? 

Anyway and moving on, what do you think of these polishes? Have you tried any of H&M polishes before?
Let me know all about it down in the comment section below and see you tomorrow for some cuteness! :)

Hugs & Kissies,
Mina *


  1. Shanghai Nights and Green look amazing! I might wanna get it myself right now :D Hahaha! Sorry about your broken nail girl... :(

    1. Shanghai Nights is lovely but Green and its 3/4 coats annoyed me to death! Bah :/
      And it's okay - broken nail will make a lovely comeback, I'm sure ;)

  2. I'm following you from

    1. Thank you, darling, and welcome!! <3

  3. Sorry for your broken nail... the good thing is it will grow back! (Says a woman who broke three nails in her right hand this week...). Anyway Yes I like H&M polishes! :) My problem is that i find most of them too expensive for creme shades (but they're gorgeous so I'm going to succumb soon lol) and second is that H&M keeps doing the same colors in different cute bottles gah! Kisses**


    1. hehhehe - they must recycle a lot ;) I did notice a couple shades similar in different bottles but oh well... ;)
      Sorry about your right hand nails, sweetie - TLC 4 them*

  4. Aw boo sorry you broke your nail! I really love these polishes, especially the first one :) x

    1. The first one is def my favourite - glad you like it too, Char :D
      And my nail says thank you back at you ;)


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