Saturday, July 20, 2013

My Other Half!

Yesterday I showed you my left hand portraying a most gorgeous yellow neon polish.

Well, today is CH's turn! As promised some posts ago, whenever the nails on my right hand turn out cute, I'll show them to you ;)

Today's photos are courtesy of BF - he's sweet like that sometimes ;)

Here we go, then:

Aren't they the cutest hand couple ever? :D

Yep, still quite a difference in terms of lenght, hey?
I used the same polish for background as on my left hand - Dermacélsia Fluor Effect Yellow (you can check swatch pictures on my FB page).

After that I picked up a black polish - Purple Professional No.18 - and an orange one - OPI something (I don't know which one it is: the label peeled off long ago and there's no number on the bottle either) for the dots.

I didn't want all hands the same, so I used orange dots on my pinkie and black ones on my index and then went for 3D dots on the three remaining digits.

I think they kind of matched beautifully - how about you? ;)
Do be honest - BF sure was with his 'meh' and shoulder shrug - hahaha :))

Hope you're having a great Saturday, lovelies, and I shall see you tomorrow <3

Hugs & Kissies,
Mina *


  1. loool, sorry, I can't help but to laugh! Eu vi a tua mani da mão esquerda quando a publicaste (mas n comentei, shame on me i know!). Eu sinceramente tenho quase, quase sempre as unhas idênticas, não consigo ter duas assim lol. Louvo-te por mostrares as duas mãos uma vez que quase nenhuma blogger com as mãos distintas as mostra. Back to your nails, amooo a mão direita!! :D

    1. heheheh - admiro quem consegue fazer o mesmo na mão direita que faz na esquerda. Eu sou demasiado trapalhona e muito pouco esquerdina para conseguir esse feito hahaha ;)
      E obrigada pelo elogio! :D beijinho*


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